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She walked up to Santa and straight up asked for a mini fridge.

Happy Monday! Never has there been a truer photo.

Poor, poor kitty.

At my house we like to play how many times can we make mom reorganize the ornaments while we are sleeping. • •

•“Memory is the diary we all carry about with us.” Oscar Wilde
Photography provides a sweet hint of nostalgia. Christmas is such a special time to introduce our children to past traditions and our fondest memories of the holiday season. Follow along on our weekly #nostalgic_christmas loop for the month of December. Next up: @taravphoto

I said “Are you excited for Santa?” And she said “No. I don’t honestly like that guy.” Jill is so amazing with light and with hands and no one would hold still or cooperate (big surprise!) but she inspired this lowlight, sparkle image!

Welcome again, friends, to the #youinspiremeloop - a group of fellow photogs recreating images that have inspired us by our fellow artists. .
This week we are inspired by the incredibly talented @jbaudryfrance
Check out this week’s loop tag #youinspireme_jbaudryfrance
to see more inspired images!!

Happy Monday! On a Tuesday! We brought a new little friend home Sunday. Check my stories to see why I will never be on time for anything ever again.

Santa baby, slip a puli under the tree, for me.

They comfort us, they make us laugh, they teach us about unconditional love. They deserve to be in the family photos too. Follow our #petphotoloop and be inspired to get your pet in the frame. Next up: @rebecca_lundin

Us...just trying to take a nice portrait on your last day being three. Instead you saw a spider outside the window and perseverated on whether or not spiders have elbows.


It’s not the time in your life, it’s the life in your time -Bruce Springsteen
🎶 Music and photography, two art forms that speak a universal language across cultural and linguistic boundaries. Both can tell stories in ways traditional words can’t express. Once a month, we are pushing our creativity and taking photographs inspired by music. Conceptual or literal, we are opening ourselves up to the feeling music gives us and celebrating the artists, songs, and genres that are the sound track to our lives.
Follow along on our #monthlymusicmonday loop and see how everyone else interpreted this month’s theme - Butt Face. Next up: @candacedchaney

Yay Monday!

Um...anyone else think his sneakers and jeans make him look like Jerry Seinfeld?

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