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So I sat down at the mall yesterday and he yelled “Wow mom, sure looks like your bottom might be a bit big for that chair.” Thank you, my son.

Not only is it Father’s Day, but this guy’s birthday! Don’t know how we got so lucky 💚 Also...check my stories for her Father’s Day gift...I. Just. Can’t. 😂😂

Let the adventures begin!

Tomorrow is his last day of kindergarten and he’s incredibly concerned about his legacy and how he will make himself memorable. Makes me concerned.

She needs everything to be just and fair...and of course she didn’t have a tooth to put under her pillow...so she put an m&m under hers in case the fairy needed a snack.

Because when you stop and look around, the world is pretty amazing.
========================================== Welcome to our #thatpnwmomlife loop! We want to share and support some of the other inspiring families living in the gorgeous Pacific Northwest. We thought you’d enjoy seeing life here through everyone’s lens too!
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I was an ICU nurse...and the one thing I CANNOT stand is loose teeth. Also...he lost said loose tooth this morning and WHAT IS THE GOING RATE FOR THE TOOTH FAIRY?? #pleasehelp #wiggleandjiggle #ew

Ok...so Happy Monday....

I really like when they sing “Look What You Made Me Do” and change the words to “and I don’t like _________” and fill in each other’s names and laugh hysterically. But don’t tell them because we don’t condone that sort of dislike.

He asked me to take a “nice portrait” for him....

Probably using my Batman voice to remind her for the 1000th time that we don’t say “OMG look at my butt”

Ok...so yesterday at Home Depot...he’s going “peck peck peck” with one of those garden birds on a stick, and she’s yelling “here pecker pecker pecker” just about as loud as she can.

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