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Wildlife ACT  An award-winning #wildlifeconservation organization running critically endangered & priority #africanwildlife conservation projects in Africa 🐘🐾

On this #InternationalCheetahDay, we encourage you to take some time to learn more about this vulnerable species, what threats #Cheetah face, and what is being done to save one of Africa's most iconic #bigcats.

Thank you for your support and for helping to spread #cheetahconservation awareness.

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A first-person view of a successful #BlackRhino dehorning operation on #Somkhanda Game Reserve. "The chopper takes off. When the team in the air have eyes on the Black Rhino, the pilot skillfully manoeuvres the animal into an area where it can be safely darted and immobilised. The efficiency of the vet and ground team ensure the animal is placed under a minimal amount of stress and is back on its feet as quickly as possible.

Immense preparation goes into the planning of #rhinodehorning operations. Despite this, on the day there are still time and safety pressures, weather and terrain restrictions and many other factors which contribute to the team’s stress levels. Removing a horn from a #Rhino is a sad event, but with each intervention I’m filled with a sense of hope. When a group of dedicated and passionate individuals from a number of organisations come together for a common goal, the results are inspiring. The individual expertise of the #pilot, vet and tracking teams are critical to the success of a #Rhinodart, but ultimately it is a combination of these many moving parts which ensure a smooth operation." Text & Video by Senior Wildlife ACT Monitor Pippa Orpen

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We still have spaces to fill on our #Seychelles project! Come contribute to award-winning #conservation work being done on a private #tropicalisland paradise. Perfectly suited for those seeking an intimate experience working directly with conservationists on a range of important activities, including #turtle nest marking, egg relocation, turtle tagging, indigenous tree planting, tropical fish identification, Aldabra #GiantTortoise monitoring and more.

North Island was recognised for its conservation work by being awarded as the National Geographic World Legacy Awards winner for Conserving the Natural World 2017.

Find out more at www.wildlifeact.com

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The #lioncubs that captured the hearts of #Tembe Elephant Park. Text by #Wildlife ACT volunteer Deb Gooding.

It was 4:30am and and the start of our final two days at Tembe Elephant Park. Myself and two other volunteers exited the kitchen under starry skies. Half asleep, we quietly made our way to the vehicle, breakfast cooler in hand along with our blankets and backpacks. The air was cold and crisp.

Ben, our monitor, suddenly stopped us… “there is a #lion close by, there could be more”. We listened carefully and then heard the sound of a roar and I was suddenly filled with a sense of excitement and anticipation. He directed us to move quickly. We jumped onto the back of the vehicle and Ben drove down the winding road close to our camp. In less than 5 minutes we turned a corner and were treated by an incredible sight.

The eldest known #lioness on the reserve was quietly making her way onto the road ahead of us, with her male and female sub-adults and 4 little #cubs in tow. Relaxed and confident, she stopped with her pride on the road, and continued into the bush. Ben quickly turned around and drove onto a parallel road where we again saw the #lionpride walk casually onto the road. We followed behind them for some time until they eventually moved off the road into a dense patch of Sand Forest. The cubs are estimated to be around 3 months old. To have seen them at such a young age and with no other vehicles and no tourists around, was beyond special and an unforgettable moment.

Tembe Elephant Park was developed by Tembe Tribal Authority and Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife and established in 1983 to protect elephants which used to migrate between Maputaland and southern Mozambique.

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At the #iMfolozi #Wildlife ACT camp in Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Park, we are lucky enough to have a resident pair of #Oxpeckers who have successfully nested and raised several clutches of chicks. Using a GoPro, we managed to record some footage of one of the parents feeding the #nestling as well as tidying up the nest. Oxpeckers nest in the small cavities of trees. Their nests are lined with grasses and often with hair plucked from their hosts and even non-host livestock such as sheep.

Oxpeckers are named for their habit of perching on large mammals such as buffalo, impala and giraffe and feeding on ticks, small insects and other parasites. This is a form of symbiosis known as #mutualism (where both species benefit). The mammals benefit as they are cleaned of potentially harmful parasites and the Oxpeckers benefit from a nutritious food source.

Text by Wildlife ACT Monitor @fi.evans7

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A rare and very special sighting of a breeding pair of Critically Endangered White-Backed #Vultures (Gyps africanus) successfully raising a chick in the #iMfolozi section of Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Park. Many thanks to #Wildlife ACT volunteer @devan_cs for this video clip!

Africa's Vulture populations are in serious decline. Of the five species found in #Zululand, all are classified as either Endangered or #CriticallyEndangered. To aid in monitoring and mitigating this decline, Wildlife ACT has teamed up with Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife and the Endangered Wildlife Trust to create the Annual Vulture Tagging Project in Zululand.

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“Flehmen Grimace” is a response carried out by mammals to obtain information between individuals of the same species. For example, shortly after a female urinates, the male will be attracted to the exact spot to test the scent. The animal will lift its upper lip, bare its teeth, inhale the scent, and block its nostrils - allowing the scent to travel into the vomeronasal organ (an sensory organ of chemoreception that is part of the olfactory system, which detects heavy moisture-borne odour particles). This helps to test #pheromones and determine the gender of the other individual, and also whether she is fertile or not. This response is generally carried out by a dominant male and rarely by a female. In this video you can see this response being carried out by a #BlackRhino bull after getting up close to a #midden.

Video by @estelle.corade
Wildlife ACT Monitor @fi.evans7
Text by #Wildlife ACT Volunteers Ebony Gatto & Shania Smith

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The #WorldResponsibleTourism Awards 2018 were held in London yesterday where Wildlife ACT won 2nd place in the category ‘Best for Wildlife’. According to the World #ResponsibleTourism judges, “this is a significant achievement, it marks you out as a leader in global Responsible Tourism.” "We are extremely honoured to be globally recognised for responsible tourism practices, and the contribution we are making in the #conservation sector. Wildlife ACT’s tourism-supported conservation initiatives have reached across many countries including South Africa, Botswana, Mozambique, Malawi, Ethiopia and the Seychelles, working with a diverse range of endangered and keystone species including African Painted Dogs, Black and White Rhinos, Cheetahs, Leopards, Lions, Elephants, Turtles and Vultures. By developing responsible #tourism models ranging from structured university participation, #voluntourism, expeditions and high-end conservation immersions, we have been able to sustainably initiate and support #endangeredspecies and protected area conservation for the last ten years”, says Wildlife ACT co-founder, Johan Maree.

Full Press Release at www.wildlifeact.com/blog

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Some exciting news from #iMfolozi Game Reserve as we officially introduce 3 new #Cheetahcubs! One morning we managed to spot them emerging out of the thicket with their mom. This is great news for the overall #Cheetah meta-population as there have recently been several Cheetah reintroduced into the park to increase the population's genetic diversity. We are looking forward to following their progress as they grow up.

Text by #Wildlife ACT Monitor @fi.evans7
Photo by Wildlife ACT Monitor @ryanmitchellwildlife

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Pet a cub, kill a #lion. Know the facts before visiting facilities that allow human interaction with #wildlife.

Currently, anywhere between 8,000 and 10,000 #predators, possibly more, are being held in small enclosures on almost 300 captive predator facilities across the country. In most instances, these predator facilities are nothing more than commercial operations breeding and exploiting animals for a range of activities, from #cannedhunting and the #bonetrade to the extremely lucrative #cubpetting, ‘walking with lions’ and #voluntourism activities.

Despite the #conservation claims being made, it is commonly accepted by leading wildlife and scientific authorities around the world, that this industry has nothing to do with #lionconservation. If we don’t act now, that number could soar to well over 12,000 within the next few years.

Watch Blood Lions: www.bloodlions.org

Text by @bloodlionsofficial
Image designed by Laura Ringemann for the Global March for Lions campaign against canned hunting

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The nights in the #uMkhuze Section of the @isimangaliso Wetland Park, South Africa allow for some interesting creatures to explore the veld when they think no one is watching. Our eyes in the field - motion-triggered #cameratraps - allow us to catch a glimpse of these secretive #animals. The #Wildlife ACT volunteers of the Panthera Leopard Survey had the opportunity to see these interesting critters, #StripedPolecats, during a data sorting afternoon at camp.

#Polecats are often confused with weasels, skunks and even honey badgers because of their size and colouration. Polecats can be identified by their three characteristic white dots on their heads; one dot is situated in the centre of the head and then one above each eye. Their small bodies are black with white strips.

Striped Polecats feed mainly on rodents but will also snack on snakes, lizards and insects. While the #Polecat is not closely related to the skunk, there is one similarity. The Striped Polecat is legendary for its ability to produce a foul smelling substance much like the skunk. This is done for protection and will deter large predators such as lions.

Camera traps are vital for the surveillance and conservation of elusive animals like Polecats and Leopards. Find out more and help out on the biggest Leopard Survey of its kind in the world!

Visit www.wildlifeact.com

Text by Leopard Survey Monitor @kalzvanheerden

Some of the physical activities that our hardworking volunteers help with around camp before relaxing around an evening fire in the #zululand bush.

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