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Melissa Farlow  WILD AT HEART.HoughtonMifflinHarcourt w/Terri Farley-SterlingNorth Legacy/Science writing/Spur Awards.Available where books are sold.#horses #mustangs

Two women horse trainers in Wyoming ride their mustangs through wide open space. They build trust 50 unwanted mustangs the mother/daughter adopted. The Huckaby women work patiently with different approaches but they are equally adept. Gentle, strong women with kind hearts who follow their passion. @melissafarlow @thephotosociety @wildhorsephotos @marieclaire #onassignment #horses #wyoming

Photo by @melissafarlow | I made some new friends while on assignment with Marie Claire magazine for their upcoming January article on America’s wild horses. These curious mustangs approached while others who were more shy kept their distance. Nothing makes me happier than a gentle nuzzle of soft noses on my cheek and the sound of deep sniffing. They are some of the 50 unwanted horses adopted by the Huckaby’s in Wyoming-mother/daughter who developed their own style but are both gifted trainers. #wildhorses #mustangs #adaptahorse #wyoming #huckaby

@melissafarlow | Horses are beloved through many centuries and in many cultures. This is a marble mosaic on the floor of the Duomo in Siena. A good reminder - we need to take care of our wild horses that belong to all Americans. @melissafarlow @terrifarley @thephotosociety @natgeocreative #horses #siena #italy

Photo by Melissa Farlow | Stallions stand their ground. But will wild horses like these be euthanized? The federal government budget proposal cuts are so great they may not survive. More wild horses live in captivity than run free. Please speak up to help these amazing animals survive. @thephotosociety @melissafarlow @terrifarley @natgeocreative @natgeo #oregon #wildhorses

Photo by Melissa Farlow | So curious and insistent looking for a treat. No not a wild horse-but a mule which is a cross between a male donkey and a female horse. Liked scratches behind the ears and won over my heart with her sweet eyes. @melissafarlow #wisconsin #mule #cute #farm

Happy Birthday Velma Johnston -Wild Horse Annie - who stood up for humane and ethical treatment for American mustangs. Please take an action today and support wild horses in her honor. @thephotosociety @melissafarlow @terrifarley @natgeocreative @natgeo #horses #heroine

Interesting for me to see the wild horses that most people liked this year. Is your favorite here? @terrifarley @thephotosociety @natgeo #horses #bestofnine2016

Photo by Melissa Farlow | If you love wild horses, please find a way you can help save them. Support organizations, not for profit sanctuaries and hard working people who work to protect and care for mustangs. Speak up so horses will always wild places to roam. @terrifarley @thephotosociety @returntofreedom #wildhorsepreservation #horses

@melissafarlow | Two stallions spar in Steens Mountain, Oregon. As horse herds are managed and move-I wonder where they are today. Help protect mustangs so they can continue to roam and thrive on public land. Wild at Heart @thephotosociety @natgeocreative @terrifarley #wildhorses #steensmountain #publicland #oregon

@melissafarlow | Mustang foal in the Virginia Highlands lies protected by mares. WILD AT HEART @terrifarley #nevada #wildhorses

@melissafarlow | Cool to be greeted by happy horses. One of my heroines-Karen Sussman(reflected in the mirror) President of International Society for the Protection of Mustangs and Burros(ISPMB) with horses that she rescued from slaughter. If you'd like to help this organization, it is a great one. She is honorable and works tirelessly. Several herds she has saved are amazing beauties, but she needs your help. @thephotosociety #horses #southdakota #heroines #heroesandhorses

@melissafarlow | Wild horses run tightly packed in a herd-safety in numbers-during a round up. WILD AT HEART. @thephotosociety @terrifarley @natgeo #wildhorses

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