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☼ Kristy Andersen☽  · ♡ · intuitive, free birthing mama to Willow · wife to Ando · nature · vegan · wellness · manifesting van life · ♡ · ❁ Be kind to animals ❁

Show your children nothing but love. Demonstrate that everything that you do can come from love & that good things come from loving intentions. ☀️
That way they will know nothing but. Reality already teaches us all of life’s lessons. Love makes it a little bit sweeter! ☁️
We met this special lil fella at the beach yesterday.
Willow doesn’t always talk to strangers but when she does they are usually the kindest of souls. I trust her, she’s good at reading vibes!
🌿 #veganfortheanimals

This is us yesterday, fresh out of the wrong side of the bed....
Do you ever feel overwhelmed like every decision is too hard & you could just curl up in a ball and go back to bed? Well multiply that with not having much experience dealing with these emotions & you’ve got how Willow was feeling.
So up in the wrap she went!!! One minute in & this was more like the content little kid that I know. Willow surprised me & actually stayed up here for almost an hour, she must have really needed it!! This wrap cuddle didn’t just help Willow.. I got time and space to make my juice & then we went for a walk to clear our heads. Afterwards I felt a lot more equipped to deal with someone else’s big feelings!
Willow loves being attatched to me feeling safe & secure, being able to rely on me with no responsibilities & no descions to make. With a full view of the world happy to watch & observe. Once she asked to get down I had my very very independent, happy, strong willed little girl back. .
Build them up!! Give them love & then give them more!! Children need reassurance & security so they can get through all of these big emotions. Let’s create secure children so that they can take on the world one day! ☁️🌙☁️✨🌙☁️

As I nurture you in my arms, I breath you in & I think back to the day you were born.
I went up to the galaxies & the stars to find you. You my powerful sun beam, you shattered the walls of myself as I once knew them so that I could rebuild to a truer version. .
Thank you for being my daughter & choosing me to be your mama. .
Here’s to all the beautiful new babies being brought into the world today!!!!

I would hear the phrase “just follow your intuition” a lot! Like it was suppose to be easy. When I was younger I started to suppress my own thoughts to get through life, but that wasn’t serving me, I wasn’t happy!
I wasn’t good at conforming! I wouldn’t take “just because” as an answer, that never sat right with me!! I felt misunderstood, I wanted to feel free!
I’ve realised now that I started to follow my intuition when I let go of FEAR. Fear blurs your judgment, fear can easily get in, because it’s what keeps us alive. But it can also be used to manipulate us.
If you can think for yourself & trust your thoughts & feelings than life gets a lot easier. You can start to do things that work for you & your family rather than doing something because “that’s what you’re suppose to do.” If you feel it in your bones that something is right/wrong than do your OWN research & don’t be scared to take your own path because that feeling usually is right!! Trust your intuition, if you feel the fear than question it my beautiful friends!
And don’t let anyone call you stubborn ~ I prefer to call it determined!!

Life is just a collection of tiny moments, like this one! We show Willow everyday that if you can find happiness in the simple moments than you will always know happiness.
(I didn’t want Willow to see this little fish washed up on the beach, because she loves them & how they swim through the water. But she noticed it straight away & without hesitation picked it up. I think she knew that there was no life left in this little fella, even before I told her but she wasn’t sad like I expected. She appreciated him & we set him free back in the ocean. I love this little girl so much, always showing love & kindness to animals!! Scroll across to see all of her cheeky expressions!)

“A daughter needs a dad to be the standard against which she will judge men!” @earthy.ando has always shown Willow (either to her or by demonstrating through me) that love is kind, love is patient, love is endless, love is without limits or expectations. Every day he teaches her how to be treated, so that one day she will not except anything less from men or anyone else.🌙 As a women, a mother & his wife there is nothing greater I could ask from him!! I didn’t just choose a husband, I chose my daughters guardian. Her protector!🌙 So don’t teach your children to search for heartache or manipulation. First practise self love so that you can show them how to love themselves, then show them that you will always love them & if you can’t show them the love you would want them to have with someone else, show them how to walk away & be open for the love that they truely deserve.🌙
Because it starts with us. Fathers & mothers forging pathways for our sons & daughters so that one day they have the opportunity to know true love & great happiness!🌙

I went through a lot of self discovery, growth & learning when I became a mother. While I parent a bit more alternatively, seeing & hearing of other mums doing the same things really made all the difference in the world to me.

That’s why now, I like to share my experiences & lessons I’ve learned along the way. In doing this I hope to inspire other mamas to go with their instincts or to keep doing what they’re doing even if it’s not the easiest way.

I never intend to come across know it all-y & not for a moment do I think that I’m perfect or have all the answers! This is just how I share parts of my life & what has worked for our family.
So that’s enough about me, I’d love to hear your stories of how another mother or parent influenced you in a positive way when you perhaps felt unsupported.

I hope that you don’t have to be a mum or a parent to enjoy my journey, I appreciate every single one of you! But just for right now & following on from international women’s day I want to get to know all the new mamas joining me here.

Women are powerful & power is feared. That is the reason we have been manipulated, controlled and suppressed. It isn’t easy but you are clearing thousands of years of outdated conditionings! So keep giving life, raising strong families, nourishing your babies, enforcing change, working hard, nurturing, loving, giving, growing. Because change is brewing! #mumlife #internationalwomensday photo credit ~ @earthy.ando

The things that I think & say about my body when I stand & look in front of a mirror are going to shape how my daughter will start to see herself!!Picturing the world through her eyes really brings things into perspective for me. If she sees me pinch my tummy or my butt & comparing myself to unrealistic images than she will probably one day do the same. 🌼Growing up I heard a lot of talk about dieting & loosing a certain amount of kgs or exercising to loose weight & eventually that shaped my thoughts on food, myself & my body. 🌼Healthy body image starts with us!! Whatever we show that we think & feel about ourselves, it’s those thoughts & beliefs that we pass on to our sons & to our daughters. 🌼 So let’s replace “diets” with healthy plant based eating & start getting fit & strong by moving our bodies instead of “I need to exercise or loose weight”. Let’s ditch those scales & focus on how you feel & what your body is telling you. 🌼 So when you look in the mirror start to see the things that you like about yourself & the things that you wouldn’t want to change because you should know that you truely are BEAUTIFUL!! 🌼 When Willow looks in the mirror one day as a beautiful young girl I want her to see the things that she would feel now ~ happy, healthy, fun & carefree. 🌬
Here’s my favourite picture that @earthy.ando took for me yesterday. Thanks baby! You’re always building me up & helping me step outside my comfort zone. 🌬

With a twinkle in her eye & that sparkle in her heart. 🌚🌬☄️🌏✨#wildatheart

I use to think I wasn’t good enough or womanly enough because I can’t pose sexy the way some other woman do. In fact I’ve been told that before, and once upon a time I listened. 💫 Ihave more of a goofy, cute thing going on and I’ve never let myself embrace it. Somewhere down the line I’ve let myself be reconditioned to think that because I’m not one certain way then I better damn well change. Even now my beautiful husband tells me otherwise every single day, I still have stubborn, apposing thoughts in my head. 💫Oblivious to this, here I was yesterday. Frustrated & still trying to get a photo in my favourite new knickers along comes Willow. Tired and hungry she couldn’t resist a feed I thought. Inconvenienced at first I hoped it would only take a second for her to realise she wasn’t hungry. Until I realised that once again this courageous, clever, curly headed little girl had come along to teach me another lesson. If I let her……. It was this one simple act that started my flow of thoughts. Now this is the message that I needed to hear, from myself. 💫
Go with the flow mama, this life is so much more than your limiting thoughts, you are so much more than a pretty picture. You are nourishing your child, and being present in every moment of the day & that is an important job! Raising a wild child is not as simple as you make it out to be in your head and that is ok. Take it easy on yourself. You are human just like us all. Feel those emotions, feel them all, get to know what they are and why they are there & then without becoming them let them go! 💫
Here is a photo that I thought wasn’t good enough yesterday. Today I am my carefree self again & I’m amazed at how insignificant that one idea of myself could be, if I let it. I am more. I am unique & I take pride in that.💫
So if you are out there today reading this beautiful mamas / beautiful women ~ go easy on yourself. You are clearing thousands of years of outdated conditionings!💫
“Feel it all! You’re learning something, now let it go.” This is my new affirmation for the week. I’d love to hear some of your own favourites? 💫
#wildatheart #mindfulmama #consciousparenting
#freethenipple #normalisebreastfeeding

How blessed I am to have found you in this life!! ✨ Nothing makes me prouder than knowing that Willow has you as a dad & witnessing the love you show her everyday. My two favourite parts of me! @earthy.ando you truely make my heart sing ✨ Happy birthday baby we’re only a quarter of the way 💗🌿🌟

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