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Karina Olszewski 💜🌿🌈🌙  Wild Awake Mama * Inner Explorer * Earth Heart Connector * Conscious Edits Portal * experiencing vibrational shift here and NOW * Salt Spring Island

✨Sacred bones of Earth Mother tell stories of her nature found deep in the woods. ✨Change is never painful. Only resistance to change is painful ✨ #motherearth #art #rewilding #sacredbones #wildandfree

✨13140 days ago today, in 1981, I was born into the height of the Independence Revolution in Poland. I've learned and seen a thing or two in my 36 spins around our sun, unweaving from a multitude of imprints, some very challenging others lighter. ✨ Nonetheless, today I am acknowledging how far I have come in this lifetime and in the love, beauty and freedom I have co-created with Source in my life for me and my daughter on this magical Crystal Quartz Island.
✨I couldn't have done it alone. So today I want to thank all of you beautiful souls who have touched my life and have helped shape it into what it is today, a far cry from my Eastern European background. ✨I want to thank my family, especially for being there for me no matter what. Also, a thank you ahead of time for all the well wishes I have received today from all the people that I love and hold so dearly close to my heart. ✨I am setting intentions that this next spin is going to be the most joyful ONE yet filled with abundance and deep nourishing heartfelt growth. ✨Cheers to dreams coming true, cheers to the magic of life, cheers to becoming and unfolding our hearts into the LOVE that we all already are. May we continue to keep opening and share this gift we call life openly with others in each moment-to-moment. ✨One love. One light. Blessings galore, stay wild, wild child! #rewilding #earthing #wildchild #universalLove #gratitude #awakening #higherself

We've been offline welcoming new addition to our family, meet Acorn ✨🐹🌿🌼 #guineapig LOVE

SOLAR ECLIPSE update! Something extraordinary is about to happen to us ✨channeling and harnessing these very potent frequencies of this powerful Solar Eclipse New Moon in Leo starting early am tomorrow on the west coast ✨if it feels right for you, this is an opportunity to really go deep within and burn away and purify our old selves that we are ready to let go of ✨ to really observe our patterns that will become very clear to us at varying intensities✨ this is a major catalyst for calling in and expressing our deep Self that is yearning to be born out of our unconscious shadows ✨ this is the moment we can fully step into our Light ✨be careful where you place awareness right now ✨ what are we intentionally calling in and manifesting? ✨create a safe space, slow down and use breath to connect and dive deeper, listen with and to nature and feel deeply into the depths of what our heart is longing to call in ✨happy solar eclipsing tomorrow! ✨ I'm heading deep into the woods tonight to journey from my head into my heart ✨ see you on the other side of this powerful vortex Portal energy! Aho my friends ✨{📸 @wildgoods } #solareclipse #wildgoods #lightworkers #universalLove #higherconsciousness #awakening #pleadian #newmoon #raisingvibrations #light

"Art washes away from the soul the dust of every day life" 🎨 @ericnezart working his live #visionaryart magic @belovedpresents ✨you can watch him painting live @globaleclipsegathering next week and at Imagine on Orcas Island early Sept! ✨ my friend @jkobrinart painting to Eric's left! ✨ #liveart #painting #lightworkers #beloved2017 #festivals #artists #yogi #light #pnw #raisingvibrations #higherconsciousness #awakening #universallove

Day 9 of the Master Cleanse 🌙 brighter than ever on no food ✨Feeling such a stronger connection to true Self and the cosmos ✨experiencing heart based intuitive soul guidance with so much more dept in each moment✨ feeling deeply inspired and in so much gratitude to BE alive right NOW ✨💗✨ #lightworkers #aura #higherconsciousness #yogi #raisingvibrations #truth #mastercleanse #cleanse #awakening #universalLOVE #kundalini

✨Change is never painful, resistance to change is painful ~Buddha ✨so much raven magic in the air here ONE LOVE {📸@stefon • edit @wildgoods } #light #awakening #spiritual #vortex #beloved2017 #higherconsciousness #consciouscommunity #raisingvibrations #earthing #magic

In UNITY surrendering in deep devotion and gratitude ✨ namaste ✨ @belovedpresents #yogi #beloved2017 #higherconsciousness #awakening

✨I'm on Day 7 of Day 10 of the lemon, maple syrup, cayenne pepper Master Cleanse Fast, no food ❤️✨🍋 this is a substance free festival for me ✨the first few days were challenging but I'm happy to say that I'm beginning to experience intense states of deep presence, higher increases of energy, my skin is looking brighter and more hydrated, digestion has majorly improved, belly is starting to flatten, eyes are getting clearer, dreams are getting more vivid, my mind is calmer and thoughts have more clarity, in fact it's much easier to control my thoughts, more emotionally balanced and most of all I'm beginning to come back to a deeper relationship with my Self ✨ the list is massive. I could keep going if you want me to but the benefits are huge if you have ever considered doing something like this for your health and state of frequency ✨ what motivates me to keep going is the amount of acidity that is being released in my urine and the sludgy muscous plaque that is being released daily through my movements ✨feeling a much lighter energy within my being and for this I feel grateful ✨ what inspired me to commit to this cleanse was that I was beginning to feel tired all day long, my thoughts were scattered, I was starting to experience levels of depression and emotional / mental instability ✨ I am certain this was a result of recent food choices I was making, some coffee, dairy, and a bit of gluten that crept up on me and a slip up on my daily ritual self love practice of yoga, mostly because I had less energy to continue without the proper food choices which resulted in more negative self thoughts ✨ it's incredible that we don't even realize how much certain food affects us negatively until we stop, it's like waking up from an illness that we didn't even know we had ✨I'm not saying this works for everyone or that it will work for you, but it's working for me ✨ please consult a doctor before any cleanse or fast✨ I love you all so much, thank you for your continued support of this journey INTO self ✨ I'm not telling you this to impress you but to impress upon you what is possible with regards to an increase in our energetic vibration ✨ #beherenow

✨So stoked to finally meet Adrian/multidimensionary lasercut wooden artist from @technicianofthesacred ✨🙌🏻✨🌙absolutely divine work! #artist #beloved2017 #higerconsciousness #sacredgeometry #floweroflife #lightworkers #festivals #oregon #pnw #california

✨Clear your mind, you heart is trying to tell you something... BE~LOVED @belovedpresents 🦋Doors open today! ✨#higherconsciousness #sacredgeometry #consciouscommunity #tribedemama #pnw #goddessrising #lightworkers #beloved2017 #spiritanimals #festivals

✨You know it's going to be a good festival when you see raging massive crystals everywhere and a tiny gypsy caravan ✨ I'm hOMe in the woods ✨ early entry starts tomorrow, limited tickets left ✨Thank you Oregon! You're beautiful ✨ everyone is smiling and my heart feels good to be here NOW @belovedpresents #gratitude#festivals #oregon #beloved2017 #consciouscommunity #tinyhome #awakening #beloved #lightworkers #belovedfestival #crystal #portland #seattle #light #earthing #universallove #pnw

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