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Wildernis  Urban plant and gardenshop in Amsterdam. We make the city green, in- and outside! #wildernisamsterdam #mywildernis

Wildernis pots & sprayers at their best.. Photographed by @outtakes_no_takeout in Amsterdam vintage shop @vanonsdesign #wildernisamsterdam #mywildernis

Cute illustration by @rachelvhillis who got inspired by Wildernis plants and Studio Hear Hear pots. Pictured are a Satin Pothos, Pilea Peperomioides (because you can never have enough of that little plant), Purple Oxalis, Avocado plant and String of Pearls. 🌿🌱🍀"

Goodmorning! 🌿 Let's start the weekend with this brilliant 'summer' print by @haarkon_
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Grinning over this illustration by @ybryksenkova

#plantsplantsplants #illustration #🌿 #🍑

The gorgeous Philodendron Xantal is one of those plants that can't seem to find a new owner as fast as we'd expected. It's been waiting for someone to take it home for months now. It's okay, we'll lovingly take care of it until that day comes!

Picture by @jitske___
#wildernisamsterdam #mywildernis #philodendron #plantsmakepeoplehappy

Happy #monsteramonday Have a good start of the week!

#wildernisamsterdam #🌿

Our Wildernis pot Bertus by @michiemich01 ✨ We love to see our products in their new homes. Use #mywildernis to get featured.

#wildernisamsterdam #bertus

"Nighty night plants in the shop, see you again tomorrow!" #wetalktoourplants #seeyoulateralligator #wildernisamsterdam

Let's start today with a little read about Pileas by @botanicalsandbillie "When I first had my Pileas I wanted them to be perfect with big flat green leaves growing up straight. I still think those Pileas are pretty, but now I like Pileas with some character more. The fun thing about Pileas is that they all look different, they all do their own thing, even when you're treating them all the same. Some Pileas have big flat leaves, others have small round leaves." We hear this in the shop a lot. Plants that look small and kind of symmetrical in the shop but develop a lot of character when they get bigger. Some plants are quite predictable easy going growers, others will grow crazy en wild. We love this about plants! 💚

#wildernisamsterdam #pileapeperomioides

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