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LINDSEY KELLY  CrossFit Coach • Personal Trainer • Nutrition Coach • Semi-professional Dog Petter • Essential Oils + Succulent Enthusiast •

If you have the option, always choose to be a salty bitch • After a productive morning and a good sweat sesh, the sweet smell of the ocean and some warm sand with @sudellfit was exactly what my mind and body needed • I’m loving that the water is finally warming up and I can be in my happiest place, in the water, for what feels like hours • I have to constantly remind myself that while living out here is pricey, it’s FREE to ride my bike to the beach literally ANYTIME I want • Find that place that resets your mind and ignites that fire, and go there...and go there often •

I don’t own many hard copies of books, but the books I do have are ones I truly feel have brought significant life lessons and self-guidance, or are pieces I use daily for coaching, guidance for my athletes and clients, or competition • This book has been a life changer for me, especially when it comes to saying no and when I was really learning the true value of my time and my overall worth • I’ve been meaning to buy the hard copy of it because it has some really valuable information, so today when I was out with @sudellfit I knew it was a sign when I saw it • If I can recommend a book for anyone facing any of life’s adversity, it’s this one. I promise it won’t disappoint (especially if you have a sailor’s mouth like yours truly) •

#FBF to the Open this year, and an absolute must prom pose with my girl @kristinajallen • She for sure deserves a designated #wcw post, but the fact is that I could make a post about how great she is any day of the week • It’s not always easy working in a gym with all men, because somedays you just want a solid girl friend to understand your pms, your bad hairs days, your outfit struggles... and the most real of them all, just having someone there when you really need to talk • Kristi and I couldn’t be more different, and there are days when I’m a total ass, but our different personalities and the things that makes us tick are what makes us such good friends, and what I truly feel continues to bring us together everyday • Thank you for braiding my hair, having date nights with me, Friday lunches, doing the shittiest workouts, not judging me for petting all the dogs, for not turning away when I just need to cry, and for just being YOU every single day • Ok, I promise no more mushy posts for the rest of the year 😉

#ohmyquad #toomanyhashtagstopost #loveher

Sometimes #tbt days are fun reflections of how far you’ve come since arriving in a certain place, and they open up an opportunity for you to seriously look at how much you’ve grown and how much more you have to learn • Embarrassingly enough, this was my very first beach pic/beach selfie two days after moving here last year • 2017 was quite a year, but the amount of physical and mental growth that came out of it has made 2018 one of my best years yet • Here’s to more throwbacks, more beach days, and a heck of a lot more selfies •

Happiest of Birthdays to one of the best “coworkers” and friend a human could ask for • We don’t get to see @justin.gum nearly as much as we would love to @crossfitsandbox, but we do cherish the times we get to spend with him • One incredible coach, an even better human, and the best middle finger slinger I’ve ever known (and quite the runner 😉) • You’ve had quite an awesome year already, but the best is yet to come. Thank you for being a part of my first year in LA...it’s been pretty awesome so far •
#HBD #middlefingersfordays #family #sandboxcrew

This week’s schedule comin’ in HOT • Come fitness with me this week @crossfitsandbox • 🏋🏻‍♀️M,T&TR: 5/6/7AM
** I am also taking on a few more clients for personal training, whether it be for CrossFit, Weightlifting or Gymnastics, personalized programming, or nutrition, message me or email me TODAY • Spots are filling quickly and there are special rates for my CFSBX peeps available •

The days you want to do it the least are the days you need it the most • Running has become my out, my open space, my room to breathe • Happy to get this in before the heat today •

Great afternoon throwing down with this girl • I’ve never worked out with someone who has so much heart and passion, and never takes any part of training for granted • I’m glad I could help you push through that last @thegranitegames qualifying workout, and I promise I’ll work on my T2B 😜• So awesome to watch @liftlikelindsey grow as an athlete, person, gym owner, and now mommy over the last 4+ years, and now it’s time to watch our friendship grow as well • Thank you for such a great day ❤️ #twolindseysarebetterthanone #LVLK #ilegitdiedtoday

The Kellys • Flooding your feed all summer long • No better feeling than being able to see these humans as much as I have this summer •

Happy Californiaversary to me 🎉• I can’t believe it’s been a year since I packed up my car and drove from Cleveland to LA • To say there have been some difficult moments would be an understatement, but I am learning so much about this city, the people here, and what it really means to hustle and work for what it is YOU truly want • The opportunities are endless out here, but if you’re not ready to work for it you absolutely won’t make it • Here’s to one year down and, according to everyone else here, “surviving one more year- because if you can make it 2 years in this city you’ll be just fine” • Pretty happy I can now call this city (well, Santa Monica) Home • Thank you to everyone who has helped make this past year happen, and for believing in me when I didn’t believe in myself • ❤️

Whether you’re forgiving yourself or forgiving someone else, you’re initiating the healing process on both sides • It’s not always easy, especially when it comes to acknowledging, accepting and forgiving yourself, but it is imperative for our growth • I’m not perfect- obviously, and none of us are, but I KNOW that and I am actively working on being a better human every single day • ❤️

Stay hungry, unsatisfied, and never settle • I have had some mental setbacks the last month or so, and it’s put a little damper on what I would have liked my training to have looked like...but that doesn’t mean I’m not trying • My goal since retiring was to have fun, keep learning, become a better coach daily, and learn something new every single day • I’m happy to say I’ve done that, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t always hungry for more; always striving to be a better athlete, somewhere deep down • I’m type-A, competitive in nature since I was a kid, and I truly think that’s what keeps me going in all aspects of my life • Today I got lazy at the end of my workout, and instead of walking away happy I did what I did, I went back and worked on my area of opportunity • I do this often, and more often with my coaching than with my training- where did I fall short? How did I fail this person today/why was I not able to create a more successful learning opportunity? And I can always come back with an answer, and come back more prepared for when this opportunity arises again • Thank you to my awesome coworkers and friends, who pick me up and help me grow more often than I might acknowledge...I love y’all • Oh, and thank you @dontjudgememan for your sweet dance moves 👌🏻special guest appearance by my abs today (thanks, fasting!) #teamworkmakesthedreamwork #neversettle #alwayslearning #lovemyteam #dontcallitacomeback 📹: @juviegonzalez

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