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Adam W. Maxwell  Dirt doesn't need luck.

Spotted this #antifa fucknugget on the way home. For those that can't see, that's a sickle and hammer painted on the back of their truck, the symbol of communism in the former Union of Soviet Socialist Rebublics. To think that there are people in this great country, that enjoy the multitude of freedoms and liberties that people in ACTUAL communist nations will probably never even get to taste, are blatantly flaunting and supporting oppressive shit like this gets me insanely mad. Make no mistakes, these misguided and brainwashed idiots are looking for a war, and IF one ever arrives on their doorstep, they're not gonna be too excited about the outcome.

Specifically against TLCs guidance, I went chasing waterfalls @victorwrench #drunkonkayaking #kayaking #riveradventures

Cirrhosis of the River #kayak #kayaking

Brass knuckle fade coming in nicely @oxcart.us @therealbrassknuckles @victorwrench @prodigy3d

That's why I don't even ask questions like this #skeetskeet #tothewindowstothewalls #blacklightsecrets

Seal-horse has no patience for your tom-fooleries or skylarkings #seal #kissfromarose #myhero #haterswillsayitsphotoshop

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