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Animalia - Animal  Animals are multicellular, eukaryotic organisms of the kingdom Animalia. PROTECT || DEFEND || PRESERVE ~ all animals @oceandevoted @whitesharksdaily

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African Penguins 🐧 @oceandevoted
Video©️ @oceanramsey

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Thirsty 🐍 ~ happy Saturday @oceandevoted
Video©️ @australianwildlifeencounters

Doesn’t get much better than this 🦈©️ @oceandevoted
Video©️ @thelifeofrileynz

American Alligators in the Everglades @oceandevoted
Photograph©️ @jim_abernethy

What lurks beneath @oceandevoted
Photograph©️ @mikecoots

Wait for it 🐊 @oceandevoted
Video©️ @savannahboan

Happy Mothers Day to all the mums out there including this pregnant tiger shark! This ultrasound clip is INSANE!! Baby tigers 😍 Enjoy!
Words and video by @biminisharklab from 2017: "PREGNANT tiger shark wow.... When our team gets to see a huge tiger shark it's a big deal, everyone is excited, the lab has a buzz about it for the next week, dinner stories are nothing but tiger shark related. However this past week that buzzing has gone to another level and that's because our team for the first time in our 27 year history were able to confirm that a tiger shark caught on our shallow water long lines was indeed pregnant 💥
Will this shark pup in Bimini, we don't know for sure but the fact we catch newborns on the flats suggests she may. This was a wonderful moment for our team --- check out this unique video clip with ultrasound of the pup opening and closing its mouth (cute) and the big girl swimming off into the shallow blue!
Drone @felicie.dhellemmes
Video @mattsmukall
Ultrasound donated by @eimedical
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MEGA MOUTH SHARK @oceandevoted
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Video©️ @bbcnews

Thankful for people like this
Video©️ via @naturee

Beautiful Biak Green Tree Python 🐍
Video©️ @lmaoquade
#python #snake #snakes

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