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Wiktoria Ryczko  20 🇮🇪🇵🇱 Contact: wiktoriar117@gmail.com @womensbest | @alphalete link down below ⬇️

I know we are past bikini season but this just arrived from @437swimwear & I am weak 🖤 .

I’m super excited to be back into my busy schedule trying to balance work, social media, fitness & final year in college but tbh I work best under pressure so I’m not going to complain 🙌🏼 Also starting with a new nutrition coach this week & I can’t wait to share the journey with you all. I’m so excited to get back into fitness the way I was before summer started, life happened & things went down but we’re back in the game and I couldn’t be happier. I can’t wait to get back my old self because I actually miss being a health freak 🤭 Plenty meal ideas & stuff to come!! Going to be a good one, I’m more motivated than ever 🖤 #fitness #health #journey #positive #bikini

Heya 💗 Happy Monday - I recorded a part of my workout the other day using cables to switch things up for you all. Featuring @womensbest BCAA’s (also there is a sale right now on the website + the new protein bars have released!! 💗💅🏻)
I don’t typically use the cable machine a lot for leg days (besides for pull throughs & kick backs I couldn’t record on my own😂) but these exercises are a nice alternative if you’re bored doing them normally or if the gym is too busy & you wanna go into your own little corner hehe 💅🏻 hope you enjoy ❤️
1️⃣ Cable Hip Abduction 20 reps x 4 sets (I use a light weight for this)
2️⃣ Cable tension squats 12 reps x 4 sets
3️⃣ Cable lunges 12 reps (each leg) x 4 sets .
#workout #legs #womensbest #alphalete

Sunday funday aka trying to find new selfie spots around my house. It has become a new hobby of mine - lifting that massive mirror up & down the stairs is a great shoulder / arm workout so yeah I’ll be including that in a video someday 👀 I am aware mr content has been lacking some fitness -y type stuff lately but gal is recovering from freshers & am straight into the gym tomorrow 🙌🏼 expect loads of fun stuff 💙 #sunday #chill #girl #smile

Throwback to better times when we used to drink desperados for breakfast & prosecco for lunch & gin for dinner & I was a much happier gal💛 #throwback

Looking for my dignity & my funds after freshers but you were fab 👀 whole outfit is @prettylittlething #prettylittlething #plt #nightout #ootn #sp

It’s hump day & I am absolutely defeated so a throwback to when I was hungover but in the sun is necessary 💅🏻 #holidays #throwback

Happy Sunday - I’ve had a great week full of great workouts & great food & now I’m entering into freshers week which will possibly be the worst week of my life but it’s always worth it 💅🏻 My quads / hamstrings & glutes have officially been murdered by some workouts that I’m trying out for something exciting to come in the future 👀 @loungeunderwear

Soooo we are only an hour away from the launch! Made a little clip showing you most of the releases (I am missing the black leggings & the two blue pairs though!) 🐳 My link for the sale is in my bio & will be in the swipe up story - feel free to use 🤭 .
➡️ Leggings : The camel toe situation has been resolved (the modesty panel is now a triangle rather than an oval shape) & there has been an extra silicone wash added to the leggings which has made them so much softer & more buttery to touch! I’ve recently sized up to a MEDIUM size as they are much more high waisted & feel much more comfortable 💅🏻 These are definitely my favourite leggings to date - so flattering, sweat & squat proof 🙌🏼 lilac & the black are definitely my favs! .
➡️ Joggers : we got two statement joggers (black/white & yellow/black) and one regular which are black/white. I am a size SMALL in these - they are definitely my fav from the releases. I literally live in them and sometimes wear them to the gym on my rest days just for cardio etc cause they’re super cosy 😍 best thing about them is that you can dress them up & wear them out I do this all the time 😎 .
Any more questions give me a text & I will get back to you ASAP. I think they will sell out super fast so have your link ready in your browser & refresh at 4pm. Happy shopping ❤️@Alphalete #alphalete #alphaleteathletics #launch

Working on that peach though sipping on @womensbest BCAA’s as always w/ a scoop of glutamine 🙌🏼 Use my code WIKTORIA10 for money off at check out!💗
Here’s a few exercises you can add to your next workout - constant tension squats are my favourite as I feel like the burn is the best & you can really feel it in your glutes! Hope you enjoy! ❤️
1️⃣ pulse squats
2️⃣ sumo squats
3️⃣ alternating lunges
4️⃣ curtsy lunge .
Also the @alphalete leggings I am wearing are releasing tomorrow at 4pm, they will probably sell out super fast so make sure you get on it quick 👀 #womensbest #bodybuilding #alphalete

Just me trying to be cute & failing miserably - loving these @legendlondon.co jeans. Stocking up on clothes for when I go back to college & these are definitely coming with me👌🏼 .
Anyone else super excited about going back to college? I know for me college = shreds because I am so focused when I have a busy schedule and I actually miss having a routine so much, definitely will regret saying I miss being busy but I function the best under pressure & when I have 2,000,000 things to do in less 2 hours. The first half of 2018 was one of the worst times I’ve ever had & my goal is to make the few months super productive & focus on smashing my goals, starting a YouTube & overall being a sick individual x #legendlondon #booty #brunette #girl #fitness #workout

Can anyone with an iPhone 8 Plus please tell me how you take a picture of yourself in the mirror without blocking out all of your face 😭 Weak for these leggings from @alphalete releasing this Saturday. This is the lilac colour and I’ve recently sized up to a medium and loving them so much more! They’re releasing in 4 other colours too & I will post a try on video for the release on Friday 💅🏻 #alphalete #alphaleteathletics

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