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katie  |24|INFJ|cancer| feeling my way through this world veggies / yoga / macrame

I love you to the moon and back, bud. Catcha ya on the flip.🖤

Anthony Bourdain will forever be remembered as a legend—one of the most influential chefs in history. What he conveyed through his works gave validation to the feelings line cooks around the world experienced. He was fearless when he shared the truth about what happens in the kitchen; the struggles and breakthroughs which encouraged us all to keep cooking. His writings, television shows, and deep love for food / travel will remain unparalleled. Anthony’s work to form a revolution surrounding food is truly remarkable and admired by many. I have profound respect for him and am utterly heartbroken that the world lost such a bright light today. May he rest peacefully and always be remembered for everything he accomplished in this lifetime. [Anthony is one example of how we need to spread awareness and comfort each other during our most difficult times. Mental health is not to be taken lightly. I don’t usually share this publicly, but I have personally struggled for years with depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder. I am forever grateful for the people who were there for me and encouraged me to reach out and eventually find help. Recognizing and being aware of mental health is so important and dear to my heart. If you ever feel unbalanced, unstable, or that the world is too much to bear, there is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. There is help out there in so many different forms. If any of you ever need someone to talk to, I am here for you. I will listen, support you, and reassure you that you are not alone. Together we will raise each other up and get through this.🧡]

so... farmers markets rule. risotto / local veggies / shiitake “bacon” / marinated lions mane / broccoli sprouts

To say that I am proud of you would be a drastic understatement. You are a pure example of living out your passion, pursuing you dream, and turning your vision into reality. Over the last 3 years, through your hard work and a tremendous amount of love you have transformed the shop into all that it is today. Although tonight marks the closing of @oddballsvintage, it is more of a transition to a new beginning than an end. Cheers to you, @codangus for bringing such a creative and amusing space to Lincoln, and spreading joy to everyone who has stopped in. 🖤Everyone come down to First Fridays in the Parrish building to get some great deals on vintage and unique goods, or just to say “hey” to this amazing guy.🖤

touch the earth, find the light, feel the energy of what surrounds you

and also walks during the golden hour 🌞

nothing better than weekends like this with Gnarly 🌱

|*sappy* | 6 laps around the sun with my best friend. I am grateful beyond measure for all of the memories we’ve shared. Glad you fell in love with the cookies I made the first night we met. And that you asked me to hang out with you and bring you more the next day. My life has been brighter since you’ve been by my side. You have taught me to trust in promises, encouraged me to love myself, and given me a sense of safety . In our time together we’ve traveled to 27 states, played an endless game of yellow cars, and fought about whether or not box brownies are better than homemade. You have showed me a love I didn’t know truly existed; something I hope everyone on Earth feels from someone. I am wildly and incandescently in love with you @codangus 🖤

my rendition of a meal we ate in Santa Fe that I cant get off my mind || pistachio encrusted goat cheese / peppers with Ras El Hanout / blueberry vinaigrette

all. the. time.

happy Earth day 🌎 grateful for Mother Earth and all her natural beauty I’ve been able to explore this year. This day is a reminder that we are all connected on this planet and we should do everything we can do enjoy and protect it✨ #earthday #explore #gogreen

I haven’t been warm since January in Sedona.

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