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The one and only, Super Soaker 50 // 1982, NASA engineer and spare-time inventor Lonnie Johnson was working on his latest creation — a cooling pump that used water instead of Freon. He had a custom nozzle hooked up to his bathroom sink, and when he turned the water on, it fired a stream across the room. He immediately thought, “This would make a great water gun". / 8k tris.

3rd semester exam 2017

VR monk, Zbrush sculpt

Hovering monolith powered by remote dysons sphere KIC 8462852 doing it's thing. 80x80 Extraterrestrial on canvas. //

Side project: M4A1 Maya modeling

This little low-poly armchair asset marks the beginning of a 3 months game development project.

Today i was in a speed challenge. I was to complete a christmas themed scene in less than six hours. What more christmassy then a snow globe? 1st semester at Truemax academy are hereby completed. Merry christmas instagrammers! //

6 weeks with this project ends today. The task was to combine two movies into a single still image while getting familiar with the software Maya. In my case, this is Nightmare Before Christmas in style of Sound of Music.

Tomorrow i'm handing in two weeks worth of moddeling, unwrapping, texturing and lights. The assignment was to create a post-apocalyptic scene. Next week im off to new adventures creating my first game character.

After more than a decade of wishful thinking, i was accepted into one of the best schools for 3D, CGI and animation. Truemax academy in Copenhagen. I will now begin a 3.5 year journey towards my title of '3D Digital Artist'. Because of the all-consuming work that comes with the craft, i will pause my current analog experiments and instead venture into the digital. I might throw some of my projects up here. Brace for impact. <3

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