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Oscar Ambrosio  They/them she/ her he/him. 👄Los Angeles 👄 💙visual artist💙oscr.ambrosio@gmail.com

My heart should be well schooled
'Cause I've been fooled in the past
But still I fall in love so easily

I've finally forgotten who I am
ambrosia spell, ooh baby I'm falling
welcome me so gently in your hands

in the air, voices recondite
carry me into the night
it's all there, before my very eyes
you could wash me in your light

Plant your feet, take this dance
In the grand scheme, it's all just chance
No such thing as true love
It's all just luck.

My world is deflating
And you just keep on running
Straight through the desert
Yeah, straight into midnight
Where I cannot find you
I can't recognize you
Oh sweet bird of my youth
Where have you flown to?

Styled and photographed by @davidvassalli


Y’all. Wtf. I’m so honored. @bennychu drew me and I feel so cutie.

I want to be a pretty forest nymph in my next life time.

🔥🔥🔥@oblivionjames 🔥🔥🔥drew my red devil girl !!! How cutie is she ?!

✨Look how 🌸Cutie🌸 @oblivionjames made me look. ✨

💙✨🦋❄️Two years ago with my pretty sister @ulyssesmartinez 💙🦋✨❄️

💙✨💙✨Some clips from a shoot I was a part of on Sunday. So excited to post the pics ✨💙✨💙 ps I wanna smooch all of you. 👄

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