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Oscar Ambrosio  They/them she/ her he/him. 👄Los Angeles 👄 💙visual artist💙oscr.ambrosio@gmail.com

Hi angels I love you.

🔥🔥🔥@oblivionjames 🔥🔥🔥drew my red devil girl !!! How cutie is she ?!

✨Look how 🌸Cutie🌸 @oblivionjames made me look. ✨

💙✨🦋❄️Two years ago with my pretty sister @ulyssesmartinez 💙🦋✨❄️

💙✨💙✨Some clips from a shoot I was a part of on Sunday. So excited to post the pics ✨💙✨💙 ps I wanna smooch all of you. 👄

It's such a nice morning to smooch.

Smooch me plz

TB to two years ago on my bday w my lil bb angel @gottmik

I'll always be your melancholy baby.


All people are multi dimensional

Photo by @ryburk

Hi she back

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