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wifi_wbu wifi_wbu

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  two girls with wifi.

- Hi my followers💕
- Im watching 24.
- It's awesome 👌
- Im bored Hbu?✨
- QOTD Last song you listened to?
- AOTD Still Into You - Paramore

- Hi my amazing followers🙈
- We played Basketball In P.E.🏀
- The ball Came Up and Hit me on my face😂
- It didn't hurt though.✌
- QOTD Do you Play Any Sports
- AOTD No:)
- Madison

Guys please report and block @omqsn0wflakes Shes a hacker

I have to go to bed soon👊😴

Omg I watched Pll😱
#EzrA Is Everywhere if you know what I mean😉
I'm so obsessed with it it's not normal hahaha😁
iPhones = Wifi and wifi = Life📱
QOTD Did you watch Pll ?! - Madison

- Night Guys😴
- Madison💕

she's so perf. -

i want to be pretty but i guess not. -

qotd: if you could do one last thing before you die, what would it be? i would probably hang out with friends i guess, im lame.

hi guys. -

im really missing the old account tbh. -

qotd: what's your favorite candy bar?

Ice Breakers are Thebomb.com👊
I seriously love them😝
This is @wowlilywow ' s photo.💕
QOTD Favorite Vine Boy💕😍

- Im watching Teen Mom two✌
- Im really hungry right now hub? 🍟
- This is @wifiok's Photo📷
- QOTD What kind of Iphone do you Have?📱
- Stay Fierce💕 - Madison

- Tbh I hate this account
- I want my old one

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