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𝒟𝒰𝒜 𝐿𝐼𝒫𝒜  stanning a woke queen who came to save the music industry

this photo will always be one of my favorites ever she looks so happy and her smile makes it even better and let’s talk about how hot she looks in that brA NFNFKDKDKK

she’s such a bae

she looks extra fine but what on earth is that dress NDJKFKDKD

i miss her long hair so much nostalgia be hitting every time i see a pic of it

i loved those cowgirl boots don’t @ me

im still so shocked with what happened at shangai’s concert i don’t get the point why people wouldn’t be allowed to fucking stand up and dance wHICH IS WHAT U DO AT A CONCERT ??¿????¿¿? and also the fact that people who held a lgbt flag got fucking beat is so heartbreaking man dua doesn’t deserve this and knowing how empathetic and sensitive she’s w us makes it even worse bro i hate this

hi i miss this

she’s so precious man whoever marries dua wins at life
[@dualipa #dualipa]

they’re all so hot what the heck their genes r blessed
[@dualipa #dualipa]

i really gasped for air when i saw this pic oh my fucking god she’s a goddess
[@dualipa #dualipa]

i love the fact that dua is at the same time zone as me bet she’s still sleeping
[@dualipa #dualipa]

happiest 23rd birthday to my biggest inspiration, seeing you success and gain confidence throughout this year has been one of the best experiences ever, can’t wait for what is this year gonna bring to our family and you, you make me the happiest i’ve ever been and you’ve helped me through very tough situations even tho you probably don’t even know about my existence. stanning you was probably the best decision i’ve ever made, i’ve met lots of incredibly amazing friends on here that without u i wouldn’t even know ab their existence. i love you dua never stop smiling you literally give me life and help me keep going hope you achieve all your goals and keep making all our family happy. our bond will last forever this is just the beginning. [@dualipa #dualipa]

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