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w-i-d-y-a  Welcome to the world full of surprise💛✨🍃🌿


It feels like yesterday yaa kita di mos bareng2 HEHE
Selamat menempuh ujian terberat satu dunia yaa kawan-kawan sekelasku💪💛🌍💨⚡
(Yea lebay) gut lakkk!!!
- banyak

[When im around u nothing can bring me down]✨🎼

It doesn't matter what is your background. Anyone can change the world!✨🌿 #InternationalWomensDay .
pencitraan doang si sebenernya ini HEHE gadenk😋

Been around a million stars, none of them shine brighter than you✨🌌
Happiest birthday to my favorite person since xxxx!!💛💚💜

everything is on point💛💚

Kawan seper-exist-an YEA💨

' I put my heart and my soul into my work, and have lost my mind in process' - Vincent Van Gogh. 🔜🔜

People say, high school is about getting an education and getting into a good college to succeed in life. But well to me, high school is about making memories and good times that will last forever💚
Yea, udh asik blm?

[ Spend the night and I'll make it worth a while ]

Gemas gemas gemas🌵💚

Nama saya Widya. Saya menjadi bagian dalam suatu permainan pikiran di @plfair. Bergabunglah dan bersiaplah untuk suatu fantasi yang tak pernah terlupakan.
#plfair #pangudiluhurproject
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21-22 Oktober 2016, Inside Our Heads at SMA Pangudi Luhur

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