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Well what else can be said I love brushes I’m addicted lol love how the bristles on these brushes are super soft & no fall out yet! There is a brush for every application need, The brushes are well made & great quality for the price you pay totally recommend them, The beauty blender & brush cleaner complete the set. Love how the brushes come with a carrying baggie, perfect to store your brushes while on the go!

Attention ladies! If y’all have a little girl & a Facebook page you need to go Check out my girls Facebook page she makes amazing bows, headbands, & tutus “Miriam’s Boutique” she’s also having a giveaway you don’t want to miss out!.. if you need me to pm you the link just let me know (: link: https://www.facebook.com/Miriams-bowtique-364693547404186/

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Hello sunnyco Squad, I know I haven’t finished adding everyone but I’m slowly getting there, I am blocked for now but I’ll continue following once im allowed to follow again, I also want y’all to keep in mind I’m about to hit the limit of how many people I can follow so if you follow me then unfollow right after I will be blocking you! I have the app so I can check easily. So don’t follow me to just get your numbers up I like to be active & like a few pictures, here & there so if you comment or like my pics I’ll for sure be doing the same(: My messages are always open to you ladies if y’all want to talk don’t be afraid to hit me up. I do get a lot of messages at times so I’m sorry if I take a while to respond, I ain’t ignoring you I promise.

$8 for 4 boxes

Today I tried the Dr. derma solution barrierderm intensive cream, complimentary for reviewing purposes from 0.8L. Barrierderm Intensive Cream is the high moisturizing cream that helps tired skin take a rest. This moisturizing cream helps extremely dry skin to be moist & strong with Fila-seed ingredients. As soon as you apply this cream, you feel moisture deep within your skin!. fila seed (moisturizing), ceramide (vitalization/ moisturizing), hyaluronic acid (moisture), lavender oil.
I have been using this product twice a day in the morning & at night before heading to bed & I can honestly say my skin loves it. I have combination skin on my face & even though wearing this with makeup may worry you, my skin felt hydrated trough out the day with no sticky or oily feeling, my face didn’t look oily what so ever which was amazing, we all hate that oily look on our faces.. now as far as scent goes it does have a very light smell, nothing too strong or annoying which is perfect considering this will be used on your face and/or body..I also went ahead & also used this on my arms & legs to help with no more ashy skin 🤣 & I can say that it worked my arms & legs never looked this good plus they feel so smooth & hydrated!. #skinnlab #skinnlabreview #intensivecream #hyaluronicacid ##skinandlab ##barrierderm ##repaircream #sensitiveskinsolution #moisturizer #kbeauty #beauty #instabeauty #08liter #08L

Fishing with them fam ❤️
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Nice beanie perfect for these days where it’s cold outside or winter coming! Feels very smug but I like it. The material is thick & pretty well made, will keep your head & ears warm during the cold days!
#Beanie #CacheAlaska

I texted hubby I was craving a torta & he came home with my torta ❤️😍😘🤤🤤

I receive the Elizavecca milky piggy carbonates bubble mask, complimentary for reviewing purposes from 0.8L. To begin with the packaging it comes with is so cute, I kept the box to store the container when not in use because it’s just that adorable! When first opening the lid from the container it has another lid type of thing with a little scoop to get the mask & to apply it to yourface easily! Now you do have to work fast because the mask starts bubbling instantly. I love that this mask is so much fun to use! You cover your face in what looks like a normal goopy mask & within seconds the magic starts & the bubbles begin. You’re supposed to keep it on until the bubbles stop, which is about 5-10 minutes. The bubbles tickled my skin but the results were amazing after, my face feels so smooth & clean after. I do advice to keep a distance away from your eyes & your nose because it fluffs up! The removal process of this mask is a bit hard so what worked for me was taking a shower right after lol, I have a small sink in my bathroom so I was struggling taking the mask off. But totally recommend this mask I loved everything about it

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