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Most never last more than 1 πŸ‘Š  ✈ Ley'go..or you stay and eye'go!

We don't duck around, when it comes to food

Fluffy Baby KillDeer 🐦

#wildlife #wildlifewithwhytetyson

I'm guessing I've lost my chill...but some pieces of shit in life don't even deserve a clean toilet. She may not be my girl anymore on her decision, but she means enough to me, that when I see someone attempting to poisen her life I've spent money, blood sweat, and tears trying to help piece back together....I'ma have to address it....and considering I have his address (His Grandparents)...I'm trying to have his lame ass meet me in one of these streets.....where's a good place to setup a good old fashioned one on one?

Why take a selfie...when you know you can take the $2k.....this should be a lot of fun!

All JVille Rappers Better Be There, dressed to impress. πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’― All cocky girl show stoppers better be there, ready to undress. πŸ‘€

When a female can't find reason within herself to be loyal...don't be upset! Get you a real bitch!!! 873Facts. These girls won't ever want me to feel alone, or hurt. They also don't bitch at me 24/7....just cuddles and security, twenty four, fucking seven. Blessed!! #whytetyson #mypuppies #adopteddaughters #bluenosepitbull #envidia #whitepitbull #eyeseen

Reminds me of my brother @lifeatsea907 πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

Waiting on my BLEACH, so I can see where the stain at...you know we hate that...most me and my crew, go farther than way back! Fuck all the cases this state had, cause it made the state mad, when ya boi started stating facts. My brother told me to stay black, I like that...I'm fly as shit, but posted like a venue fly trap!


At the farm house

Feliz dΓ­a de la madre! <3

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