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Mood. But actually not that bad because the sun is still shining in Melbourne and I just went to the gym for the first time in a week and had so much fun and am high af on endorphins about to eat @nakulaorganic coyo ✌🏼

Tbh I could use this bad boy rn
How good are delayed planes and over crowded stuffy airports, smh

Feeling v touristy rn

I've never had a holiday that's felt like a holiday before - I've never allowed myself to do so. This feeling of being completely relaxed, free and present is so new to me but I like it. I wonder if it'll be possible for me to do this when I'm back at home and in routine - will I be able to be present and not constantly afraid to be with myself, by myself and with my own thoughts

Holiday mode.
This essentially is me rn expect w a bowl of @nakulaorganic yoghurt + fruit and looking far less attractive w bed hair and squinty eyes because I don't want to leave the sun on the balcony for a second to go and get my sunglasses.
How is this real life - getting woken by the sunrise over the ocean, it being too warm to wear pants or a jumper before it's even eight o clock and having the whole day ahead of me with nothing but freedom.
It's also the middle of winter.

Snax. My go-to is nuts. My pantry is filled with jars of cashews (my forever fave, I buy them in 5kg bags), Brazil nuts (daily selenium), almonds, home roasted almonds (my new personal fave), peanuts (another fave - PB and gado gado yes please), sunflower seeds, roasted pine nuts (hello pesto), walnuts, pecans, salted pistachios (preferably shelled for easy access), pepitas, toasted white + black sesame seeds (aesthetics but also flavour explosion)
Crazy to think I use to avoid these nutrient filled bombs like the plague. Not only did I avoid them but I was quiet literally scared of them, afraid they'd made me gain weight to the point where if I ate one singular nut or seed I'd be anxious as hell and it'd play on my mind for days/weeks. Now I eat them by the handful multiple times a day (along with other fat sources throughout the day also (I can't go a day without an avocado)) and I enjoy every bite, never questioning or doubting my actions. I got to a point where I was so fed up with limiting my diet so much so to where I wouldn't allow myself to eat things as whole, healthy and pure as certain fruits and vegetables. Eating healthy is all well and good until you allow it to control you, until you do it with the wrong intentions or until you let it consume you and effect your mental and/or physical health negatively


$10 happy hour cocktails amongst this beauty

Winter attire ✌🏼

Tbh regret booking the afternoon flight - can't wait to be by the ocean and amongst an endless amount of greenery, soaking up all the creativity it brings me (ew so cheesy but truth)

PS dreams are to shoot here one day @laporte_space

Mom jeans on + falafels/pita/hummus in hand - officially in holiday model

Winter sun feeding my babe 🌿 in an ideal world indoor plants and cute pots would be cheap. Plants would also be self sustainable

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