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  We refuse to stay complacent in the dehumanization of women and minorities. Join us. If you'd like us to post something, feel free to DM 🌼

A 4 year old was tortured and cruelly abused because she is a girl. I just can't.

Thank you @mohini_ki_almari for sending this in.

Do we need more reasons why mainstream feminist activism in India needs to focus on struggles beyond those of upper class women?

A man hacked his wife to death with a sickle because she went to work and he didn't want her to. How many more headlines like this do we need to read before we acknowledge that toxic masculinity and misogyny KILL?


It's just a joke, calm down. Smh feminists these days. Always offended. Why don't you focus on real problems like oppressed women in third world countries???
(I typed it out for you so you don't have to bother saying the same thing in the comments, we got you)

"We were afraid the criminal proceedings would have hampered the man's career"
"We took his willingness to perform community service into consideration"
This about sums it up.
When you write off sexual harassment and stalking as minor offences that do not involve a single day of jail time you create a thriving rape culture.
A culture where men get free passes for literally killing women who say no.

So what if he murdered his wife??? He regrets killing her because now who will cook for him!!! #forgiveness #repentance #peace

Are we proud yet? Keep in mind that the actual figures are much worse as only a few cases get reported and only a handful end in conviction.

Thanks to- ✔️Victim blaming and shaming
✔️Failure to criminalise marital rape
✔️ Inefficient justice systems
✔️ Societal tendency to disbelieve the victim
✔️Threat of physical violence from the abuser on reporting them
✔️ Silencing tactics to shame the victim into staying quiet for they would bring "dishonor" to their family
✔️Not acknowledging male victims of rape

Men should clean their house not because they live there and it's their freaking job but because it releases creativity and makes them more attractive to women? Okaaay.

She is 15 years old. She was raped by her grandfather at the age of 11. By her cousin at the age of 12. By her father's friend and 3 other men at the age of 15 for 30 hours.

A teenage girl sentenced to 30 years in prison because a child out of rape and the one she wasn't aware of ended up not living.

Organising hacks for kids' toys make only the mom's life easier because everything concerning the child continues to be the woman's responsibility alone.

I am done with how the mother's life drastically transforms post childbirth with 189356 additional responsibilities thrown at her while the father gets to live his life just as carefree and irresponsibly as before.

I cannot count how many times I have personally witnessed women working to the point of losing their minds trying to multitask cooking, cleaning, getting the child's homework done, and a hundred other things while her husband literally sits and watches TV. Some even have the audacity to add to her work by making additional demands of their own.
That a woman is inherently more nurturing and caring than men is a lie perpetuated by the patriarchy to absolve men of any responsibilities concerning their child.

At what point do we start acknowledging that physical and emotional labor performed by women is very real and very draining?

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