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Why I need Feminism in India  We refuse to stay complacent in the dehumanization of women and minorities. Join us. If you'd like us to post something, feel free to DM 🌼

91 children.

When men get angry about a woman disagreeing with them over something or saying no to them, they set her on fire/ send bullets through her brain/ stab her/ strangle her/ chop her arm off with a sword/ throw her off the balcony/ infect her with HIV and kill her baby.
We are raising boys who grow up believing that their thoughts and opinions are what should be considered objective and anyone disagreeing deserves to have violence cruelly inflicted on them. We are raising male entitlement. We are raising toxic masculinity. We are raising a murderer. Misogyny kills.

Honor killing. The horrifying reality even in 2017. They murdered their teenage daughter for talking to a boy and tried to cover it up as suicide.
They later admitted to having killed her out of anger because they feared her deed (being friends with a boy) would ruin their reputation in the village.

Now now what if I tell you that: ➡️No woman NEEDS to wear make up
➡️It is a matter of empowered choice and a form of art
➡️Make up is by no means a way for 'not beautiful' women to appear beautiful because our natural faces are not infact ugly or unattractive
➡️This is a pathetic attempt at trying to get women to participate in your misogyny by having them put each other down
➡️Who asked you how you feel about women wearing/not wearing make up???
➡️Shut up

What I make out of this:

1) Cooking is and will always inherently be the woman's job alone
2) If the wife is not cooking on a particular day the only other alternative is ordering a takeout/ eating out because God forbid the man baby step foot in the kitchen
3) Men think that ordering food online when they've got a discount coupon is a token of appreciation for their wife and makes them nominee for Husband of the year trophies
4) Corporates believe we don't see through their transparent PR & damage control 'apology statements'

Men terrify and disgust me.

Minors being sexually abused, raped, and subjected to violence at the hands of their educators and non teaching staff at school- just something that happens every day in this country.
Her health is reported critical post the abortion.

We now STICK BOWS on BABIES with GIRLIE GLUE to make sure people identify them as girls. Bye.

We read headlines like these every day. Kids getting sexually abused, raped, and murdered in schools. We shake our heads and go "ugh what is going on in this country" We flip the newspaper page and get over it.
Why is our anger so short lived it is practically non existent? Why are brutal assaults on our children not enough to make our blood boil? How many more of our kids need to get reduced to news headlines before we actually do something about it?

What is with men setting women on fire for disagreeing with them over something or saying no??????

Okay so if I hate things like men abusing women or joking about inflicting violence on them why do I speak about it on here? Excellent question David 👏
Thank you Brendan for singlehandedly combatting rape culture 🙌
And thank you for the summary of the meninist movement in three lines Mister third guy. 🤘

Okay but can we please focus on real problems like oppressed women in third world countries

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