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Unpleasant  A woman trying to weed out douchebags on tinder with a straightforward bio. Intersectional Hyper-Feminist. Zero Chill. CuntyCultβ„’. Laugh or GTFO.πŸ“NYC


On the BuzzFeed article about meal ideas for Ramadan... why are people like this

About two months into living in New York I was wandering around Greenwich village during the Halloween parade. There was a ton of people and I'm 5' 1" so I couldn't see the parade at all. Dressed in head to toe leather and cat ears (Halloween was a Monday and I decided to go last minute, my Halloween costumes are usually on point) I walked up and down 6th ave trying to at least find people in cool costumes to admire. I see this group of guys walking down the street and one of them really caught my eye. I made direct eye contact and smiled at him and he did the same but kept walking. I felt in my gut that I shouldn't let him walk away so I turned around and chased this dude down the block in 5" thigh high leather boots. I walked right up to him and introduced myself. I'd never heard the name Rami before and thought he said Robby. I hung out with them the entire night. At some point I said something that made him ask "wait, how old are you?" To which I responded "I'll be 18 in a week" he looked horrified, he was 22, and he pretty much ignored me the rest of the night while his friends kept talking to me. I got in their car and went to one of their houses in Bay Ridge (DONT DO THIS) and they eventually drove me back to the east village. When I was getting out of the car his friend asked me for my Facebook, I added him on the spot. I got out and didn't hear from Rami until my birthday, lol. He took me out to dinner with his cousin and cousins girlfriend a couple weeks later. We ended up dating for 3 years. At first it was great. He was from Brooklyn, had the accent I love so much, was kind of a hot head, super charismatic, funny, and had lots of friends. He also had ulcerative colitis and a lot of flare ups that resulted in me having to drive him to the ER and finding out that he literally almost died while I was in California visiting my grandmother who had just suffered a bleeding stroke. He was, understandably, angry whenever he got sick. However, he was also angry when he wasn't. He was emotionally abuse to me. My dad sucks and I've learned a lot about what to look out for in men thanks to him, but he wasn't emotionally abusive. He was just selfish. I was not

Statistics show that copy and paste messages don't work

I didn't stop this argument at first because I felt like it was one that would be resolved quickly as all sides had points. But these two got nasty about it and while I'm sitting here thinking about to phrase why what they're doing is problematic @ontology.and.chill came in with a perfect explanation as per usual. I asked everyone to stop because I honestly wasn't going to go back and mediate every point made and hold everyone's hands to explain, nor did I really care to see who was commenting the most recently. Maybe I should have, but I'm allowed to call people out on my account and decide if the argument is worth having in my comments since I try to keep this space safe for people to comment without worrying about being attacked or arguing forever about irrelevant shit meant to discredit and derail. All I ask is that if you're going to tell me to grow up or go fuck myself you grow a pair of ovaries and make sure I see it first instead of running away. 😘
Oh, and I'm not CONSTANTLY looking at this account. If you commented hours ago I probably don't even realize the time. Sorry I don't have a team to respond in real time so no one feels singled out lmao

Since I am not black I obviously can't relate to this directly, but I can't agree more with how important this concept is to me. My mom grew up in a very traditionally strict Mexican household. She made herself a prom dress and my grandfather still wouldn't let her go. She wasn't allowed to have friends. She is the oldest of 7 and was expected to take care of everyone. The four boys were never expected to contribute anything to the household, though. She made the conscious decision to raise my brother and as opposite as possible. There are very few times I can recall during my upbringing where I felt like I didn't make my own decisions, if any at all. Because I was allowed, or maybe expected, to make my own decisions I became familiar with the concept of consequences quickly. We didn't have rules. It wasn't about pleasing our parents. It was about what was in our best interest. For example, I could stay up until 4 am on school nights but I'd still have to go to school no matter how tired I was. My senior year I literally had close to 100 absences. My mom excused every single one. Why? My GPA was still at ~3.8 and my cumulative was a 4.35. My mom regularly told me if I wanted to have a couple drinks at a party so people wouldn't bother me about drinking it was okay and if I ever had doubts about driving home she'd come get me. When I told her I had sex for the first time she looked sad but just said "okay." She accepted every weird phase I ever went through, and trust me, there were lots. She'd buy me cute little things related to my weird phases to show support. She didn't make me feel like I had to respect every s authority figure and rule because they were authority figures and rules. She taught me to think for myself. I feel like that is the exact reason I am so comfortable in my own skin, why I have the entitlement and confidence of a straight white man, and why I don't need the support or companionship of anyone to chase after what I want in life. Where that be a spontaneous trip or moving to NYC. I never felt like I was spoken to in a way that positioned me as lesser. Lesser for being a child, lesser for being a girl, etc. I always felt like I was taken

He couldn't be lying about being a doctor and model right?

I didn't read anything past the third line but I'm legit drawing a blank here. Anyone remember this dude?
Edit: I just scrolled through my entire account and couldn't even find him πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ which means one of three things
1. I didn't find him interesting enough to post
2. People reported it and it was taken down
3. He is one of the dudes I bamboozled when I was saying yes to everyone a couple months ago πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

Probably more like because we'd be called crazy and publicly/socially shamed. Men are allowed to have preferences sweaty. You're not his type. He doesn't like fat/skinny/tall/short girls or girls that like Starbucks or basic bitches ok hun?" πŸ’πŸ»πŸ’πŸ»πŸ’πŸ»

When @tinder stands by banning me, @doyouconsideryourselffeminist , and many more women who hurt boys feefees but let a (somehow acquitted despite damning evidence) murderer back on #tinderhateswomen #tindersupportsrapeculture #tindersupportsmurderers #tindersupportsmurder #tindersupportsviolenceagainstwomen #tinderallows #gabletostee FUCK Y'ALL

Good talk

I went to blick for jewelry molds and got caught up in the sale section and bought a paint brush stylus I didn't need and I'm having so much fun doodling I want a pen stylus now what have I done why am I never satisfied why do I need so many things halp I need h a l p

When a stranger calls u by ur Instagram name

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