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Unpleasant  A gal trying to weed out tinder douchebags with a straightforward bio. Intersectional Hyper-Feminist. Zero Chill. Cunty Cult 4eva. Laugh or GTFO.πŸ“NYC


I just want to know why. The bottom right has a Hispanic/latinx last name but still is light af wyd with that hair while doing a tutorial for basquiat 😭😭😭 make it stop

I want this so bad but I don't want to support UD's white nonsense ughhhhwidbdlsjashoalakahebrb

Not sure what's most annoying
1. He still hasn't read my bio lmao
2. He thinks I was born 5 minutes ago
3. He came back with an effort to make me compliment his eyes after all that πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­ (response he wants: oh no they're not bad they're beautiful)
4. That he may be a catfish

On today's edition of People Completely Missing Why Something Is Funny and Make It About Themselves While Putting Down Others To Establish False Superiority Over Facebook Strangers

Once you defeat all the friend zoned edgelords you have to defeat the friend zoned military edgelord boss; Dariusz.

What is happening

Friendly reminder

Walrus be wildin
PS I always find it hilarious when guys over 30 match with me then throw my age at me as an insult when I reject them


CW: ableist slur
Do you think Marc is 18 or 18 and 3/4? Because he's not 25 PS About me?! What year is this?

You may have seen this on @doyouconsideryourselffeminist around election time.
I had gone on a couple dates (which were fine, he went on vacation then I went on vacation and we just drifted apart, we hadn't talked for at least a month at this point. Probably 2 months.) with this guy who was 35 and rich af. His parents have a 10 million dollar penthouse on the UES. It was unreal. He worked on the apprentice on the production crew. He texted me this after I posted a photos on my personal IG at the protest on November 9th. Read left to right.
Thank you @alexthememeconnoisseur for posting this meme which is a real photo of this dude lmfao literally twins except he had a beard

Oooooohhh can't sneak one past John

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