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"Where's the squirrel?!" #adventuresoflunaandpopop

I love you girl. I can't wait to see what these selfies look like when you're all wrinkly and cranky. #2ourmoonandback

Pretty good day for a bike ride with my home girl. #adventuresoflunaandpopop pop


#snowmaggedon was a success.

Playing on rocks in the desert with my homies all day!

We didn't let the rain, the cold, or the frozen fingers ruin our date. #2ourmoonandback

I'm thankful for beach days in the winter with my girls.

When family asks to take care of the baby you agree and go climb stuff.

This seattle winter is gross.

Today she graduated to the big-girl swing. There were cheers, laughter, and a few tears. The tears were all mine.

Weddings really are all about love. #happilyeverrios