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Dustin McGehee 

Trailer is loaded up and ready for @gridlifeofficial South at @roadatlanta. Even sprang for one last add-on to the trailer. Installed a 39” LED TV and even dug out an old N64 to keep in the trailer. Mostly bc I am too lazy to unhook the XBox One from my TV in the living room at the moment.

Another trailer addition. This time it is a private changing area for friends and family. 100% Home Depot built for about $45. The curtains tie back for car loading.

Got a new toy today thanks to Amazon from SP Gadgets. It is a GoPro style phone mount. It’s a locking case that has the GoPro style mount already molded in. I will attempt to live stream a session or two @gridlifeofficial South next week. It will also be handy for use with my lap timer. And btw.... I highly doubt I would be doing the roof mount. That was more for testing today.

Well there’s my problem. Doh. Cooked the Forward band on the Dodge Trans and killed the forward drum. Explains why it slipped like hell going into 3rd. My guess is I didn’t have the Valve Body setup up right using the TransGo shift kit plus an overly aggressive BullyDog tune. Just gonna add this to the list to pick up from @goerendtransmission.

Just a few pics of my personal favorite cars from August Atlanta #caffeineandoctane 2018. Too freakin’ early, but it is definitely an event that never disappoints. @caffeineandoctane

Yesterday’s project: 48RE Trans tear down in prep for the @goerendtransmission Valve Body & Trans Master Rebuild. Already got a handful of upgrades already installed that these will be complementing. Going to be installing a @fleeceperformance Coolant By Pass Kit and a custom external Trans cooler w/ spin on filter.

1 of 3 new projects for the car hauler. I pieced together a “poor man’s” tire rack using parts from Home Depot, Northern Tool and McMaster. In total I have about $150 in the whole system and can hold 6-7 tires and wheels depending on width. This setup 100% purchased would cost $300 or more if installed by a trailer shop with a real Load Bars.

Dang.... Always been a big fan of @superstreet through the years even back in the print magazine days. Brought a smile to my face to see the Z get a few seconds of fame on their IG Page. Big thanks to @chadbeephotography for such a badass pic of @icantdrift and I. A huge Thank You to everyone who helped me make it to the @jzillatrackdays June event at the last minute. I came real close to not even making it. @competitionclutch @z1motorsports @z1_spencer @splparts @matthewroy387 #jzillatrackdays #300zx

Don’t see these things that often. V2 Ospreys did a fly over the house. Shook the whole damn thing. I can pretty much ID a plane or helicopter, but when these things flew over I knew something was different. I tore off running through the house just to see. Sorry for the crappy pic. I had to put my jaw back in place first!

Grid photo my Wife snapped from the @jzillatrackdays event last weekend at @roadatlanta. Slightly touched up with Adobe Lightroom.... but still looks badass.

Playing with Addi in the pool and decided to break out the GoPro for something other than car stuffs.

Got the trailer, Z and Grizzly loaded up and ready for @jzillatrackdays this Friday at @roadatlanta. Ready to camp out and have some fun.

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