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─ lia, aesthetic  huh

i have a huge food baby

what time is it for you?


what's your favourite flower?


wink wonk

what do you wear out on a normal day?

where're you from?

today i went to old kindergarten to help out, and it was really really cute lol i loved it so much bc all the kids (who are incredibly cute) thought age was such a big thing most of them came up to me and went "i'm turning 4 this year!" and they were so proud of it and then they'd ask me how old i was and they would be shocked because i'm short as heck plus they have this period during school time where they stretch and exercise a bit so when the teacher called out "exercise time!" (or something like that) every kid just got quiet and packed up whatever they were doing and r a c e d outside it was pretty cool i've never seen kids move so fast

i feel like death but at least i'm having food

have some happy @thaliabree

stole this from @vogueyears || i'll be doing this thing at the end of every week where i lost a bunch of people who made an impression duving that week! it could be people who dm me or comment or anything really

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