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Mayur Chauhan Aka Michael  Actor | Love Monger | Peace Monger | Singer | Quondam RJ | Reader | Admirer Of Beauty


Waah @jaxy_the_dubolix ! Instagram પર નાનકડો ટુકડો જોઈને રેહવાયું નહીં એટલે youtube par આખો video જોયો! બહુ જ કમાલ dance કર્યો છે તે 😍 મેં ક્યારેય વિચાર્યું નહોતું કે 'મને કહી દે' ગીત પર આવો dance પણ થઈ શકે :) સલામ છે દોસ્ત તારા talent ને ✌️મજા કરાવી દીધી :) Best wishes for your brightest future 🎈

Aakha video ni youtube link aa bhai na profile ma bio section ma malse :) #AnimationDance #ManeKahiDe #KarsanDasPayAndUse

Me and Rahul used to dream about sharing screen space with each other !
We never knew that dreams may come true so fast !
It is a feeling to cherish forever ❤️ su kehvu Rahul Raval ?! #DreamComeTrue #KarsanDasPayAndUse #LoveOfMyLifeRahulRaval

Happy Father's Day to all of you ❤️ This article will remain close to my heart !
#MissingDad #MyStory #AhmedabadMirrors #FathersDay

Tree-lok pay and use 😂😂😂 One more reason to grow more trees !

Who are you ?! #Kafka

Thank you @Romil____24 for this birthday gift :) Salute to your talent and do you really know how precious this can be for me 😘❤️
Panda Hug to you and Lot's of love 🤗

#Art #Artist #Sketch #Painter #Actor #Romil #MayurChauhan #AkaMichael

Grow Old Every Year. But Don't loose the child living inside you !
Clicked by @sapty4
#BirthDayPic #innocence #ThankYouEveryOne

To each and every person who showered love and sent positive vibes through their wishes,
I want to give you all this and this is my LOVE for you. Because after receiving so many birthday wishes the only emotion I am feeling is this 👉❤️ !
I love you Guys and I can't thank you enough for making my day more special !
Hugs and Lots of love 😘

P. S please forgive me if I have missed responding you on call, whatsapp, messenger, tweet or any other medium 🙏🙏🙏 Photo Clicked by Manish Lakhubha and Edited by @zenith_banker
#Love #Gratitude #AajToEkdamVikramJevuLaagyu

No words can be as meaningful as these words !
#Words #Dostoyevski

Happy Family of @karsandaspayanduse 😍
Happy to receive your overwhelming love 💞
Thank you so much everyone 😘❤️ #KarsanDasPayAndUse #Family #InCinemas #DeekshaJoshi #ChetanDaiya #JayBhatt #HemangShah #MayurChauhan #AkaMichael

The rain will stop, the night will end, the hurt will fade. Hope is never so lost that it can't be found. #Hemingway
#Tilok #KarsanDasPayAndUse #InCinemas #MayurChauhan #AkaMichael

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