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esther kao  pics of baby E, crafts, & food. If you want to see pics of my handmade jewelry, go to @estherKaoJewelry, or check out my etsy shop


I guess this is what selfies look like now...75% elliot, 25% me. Oh well. At least he smiled for the camera 😝

First time making hot cross buns (a la Paul Hollywood's recipe). They turned out ginormous - more wide than tall. Any bakers out there? Did I not form the dough tight enough? Or should I have done the second proofing in a smaller pan instead of a cookie sheet?

Happy Easter, from the Easter...unicorn! πŸ¦„

I wanted to get a pic of jeff and elliot next to each other because their outfits kind of color-matched, but right when I got my phone out, little man made a run for it. 😞. I guess you could call this an action shot...

Hooray our National Parks Pass came in the mail! Excited to use this in a few weeks (and collect more park magnets to add to our collection)!

This is what happens when you say, "hey Elliot, can you pose?" New life skills πŸ˜‚

Homemade peanut chocolate chip Lara bars. Thanks for the recipe @dodgeball0325 ! I think I skimped on the dates, so next time I need to add more...otherwise they are pretty good!

Guess they didn't really get the 'no parking' memo πŸ˜‰

Making blueberry muffin Lara bars from scratch. Apparently the trick is to use freeze dried blueberries (thanks TJs!)

Haircut time! And that hair...It was like a carpet on his back when all was said and done πŸ˜‚

New hobby - gold digging πŸ˜‚

Hit up not one, but two playgrounds today. And he didn't go down any slides (his own choice). Guess he'd rather just run around...

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