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esther kao  pics of baby E, crafts, food and (occasionally) people. If you want to see pics of my handmade jewelry, go to @estieMade, or check out my etsy shop


finally finished knitting this little dude. He looked like a baked potato before I sewed the arms and legs on. Also...can't decide if he needs eyes and a mouth or not...

After sunday's jewelry shoot with @estherhuynh there was time for me to get in front of the camera for some photo fun with my tools - like my goofy set of optivisors. 😂

Missing this little dude. Jeff took him to see the grandparents this weekend, and said that tonight elliot had a nightmare, and when jeff went in to soothe him, elliot kept looking for me 😞

We got some spelt flour this weekend at Homestead in Waco. The cool thing is that they grind it right there on their flour mill. Made some pancakes to test it out (and if you're wondering whats on these, it's flax, yogurt, berries and syrup. I can't eat pancakes plain😬)

Trying out a new thing, aka craft time with Elliot one day a week. Figured we could start with Valentines for his classmates. He actually sat and worked on these for 45 minutes. Not bad!...although I think I had more fun (and did more) than he did...

Finally finished my knitting project. Love how the yarn came out rainbow colored - makes this cowl look much more organic

A little sad to say bye to wholkykao.com. We have had it since 2009 (it started off as our wedding website and then evolved into my craft blog). Good bye my website, you were an outlet when I really needed one, and you helped me grow as a creative...and now it's time to move on. I hope whoever picks you up next does you justice!

This kid...has been on a bread and cheese diet for months. And all of a sudden he is willing to eat beet hummus straight up?! Must be that good (or that pink!). Thanks to @sberlin1 for the recipe - I finally got around to making it!

Got halfway thru mixing up muffin batter before I realized we were out of eggs. But found that you can use 1T flax seed + 3 T water as a sub. Muffins turned out ok!

Have spent the last couple weeks knitting and watching Gilmore Girls at night. At least I have this to show for it!

Taking a pit stop...on somebody else's front step 😂(and this was his own decision!)

Decorating some wrapping paper for a 2-year old's gift. I think this only works for kiddos under 10...