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esther kao  pics of baby E, crafts, & food. If you want to see pics of my handmade jewelry, go to @estherKaoJewelry, or check out my shop


Threw a fit because I wouldn't let him bring his 'hat' downstairs. Guess who caved in? 😂

so thankful for the friends who showered baby Lilian and me with such love today! ☺️

Elliot's first time walking on sand. He threw a fit after his feet got wet and he walked 5 steps in the sand because...well now, his feet were dirty 🙄

didn't actually get to walk around much at the top of the mountain bc of storm warnings, but we got to watch some pretty fearless mountain bikers cruise down. and also, we randomly bumped into my high school church friend from boston today. pretty neat bc we haven't seen each other for 10+ years!

Is it ironic that we live right near an In-N-Out, but the only time we ever go is when we're in Cali?

The Great British Baking Show inspired us to make Mary Berry's baked Alaska. I think it was a success!

#tbt this exact time last year when we went to Glacier and fell in love with Montana. 😊It was the best trip ever, despite issues with inflamed knees, boots that were literally falling apart and a trip to the podunk ER. Hoping one day we can make it back there!

First time forward facing in the car, and he kept saying 'Look! Look!' and pointing at all the stuff he could see from his new view

Made my own watermelon sherbet with chocolate chips. It's pretty refreshing (although I kinda did wish it had the lemon and lime sherbet like the Friendly's wattamelon roll does)! Recipe courtesy of Allrecipes.

Jeff's first time blueberry picking - he found all the small berries, and my dad and I found the fat ones! Also couldn't pass up flat bread with farm raised strawberries, and black raspberry ice cream while we were there 😋

Throwback to childhood memories, and to Friendly's wattamelon roll (anyone else grow up on this?!). Lemon sherbet + watermelon sherbet with chocolate chips. Jeff was skeptical but I think he was pleasantly surprised.

Pregnancy cravings ✔️✔️

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