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Today was filled with plenty of baby cuddles and nourishing slow food that made everything better (except for my shoulder which is still strapped up thanks to, you may not believe it, a breastfeeding injury). Not bad enough to stop me from baking those extra cookies, however. 🙊 How was your Sunday?

Best news!!! We are back in stock (in stores soon) with the brand new and updated paperback print run of #thewholesomecookbook 🙏🏻❤📚! You can grab a signed and gift-wrapped copy at a bargain price with 2 FREE bonus eBooks and postage via link in bio! Here is a little preview.

More junk food to whole #foodspo this time it's sausage rolls (pssst... there's a recipe for totally awesome rolls in my cookbook). Make them from scratch and you'll know what's in them, use quality shortcuts with ingredients such as @caremepastry and serve with the biggest rainbow slaw you can muster. 🌈 Weekend goals mayhaps?

Brainstorming recipes for my @nourish_au magazine's Mother's Day feature, so I thought who better to taste test with than my own Mum. Confirming that the banana, chocolate and tahini combo gets all our thumbs up even though we tried it on rice cakes! 👍 👍 👍 👍 Just wait till you taste the whole food crepes! 👅

On the blog: A healthier take on three junk food faves: burgers, chippies and fizzy drink, because when it comes to indulging, there's sometimes room for improvement. 👅 Get the recipe makeover and tips for befriending your local grocer via link in bio now. #thefreshawards

Taking stock of my fridge and freezer contents on Sundays is the best. Reducing #foodwaste by
freezing things like onion peels. leafy parts of celery, fennel fronds and green parts of leeks to make flavourful veggie stock every so often. You can blend the veggies at the end and freeze the puree to add fibre to sauces and other soups.

Good morning! Weekend breakfast goals right here. 🍴 🍳 Well, one day, Mialina is still reacting to eggs in my diet. But I can freely enjoy Kimchi (and will be sharing a recipe for it in my next cookbook). xo Eggs by @rockchiceggs 🙌

Good evening! ☀️ Can you guess which two veggies go into making of these chocolate cupcakes and vibrant icing? 👆 👅 PS Thee's still time to bake treats for the week tomorrow!

Good morning! What's your morning routine on weekends? During the week mine involves morning snuggles with baby Mia after her feed and a long walk with a coffee break in the middle, but weekends are a touch different. Today we've already been out and about since before 7 with Saturday schooI sport. I might add making nut milk to my weekly rotation as well though, perhaps on a Friday night, so that I can bring some along with me on days like this. So, so good! 👅 Do you make your own nut milk? What's your favourite flavour?

Snickers for life! During a short spell (a year!) in my 20s I used to have a Snickers bar almost every day of the week and that's on top of all the other junk food I was consuming. Today, I have a more balanced approach and still have room for an occasional indulgence - I call my #balance 90/10. And when I treat myself, I often prefer to do it with wholefoods anyway. Recipe for the snickers slice is in my cookbook #TheWholesomeCookBook - order via link and read my full story,

I love a good slaw! 👅 🌱 They are crunchy, fresh and packed with vibrant raw colours! Testing three more recipes for the new cookbook - you can find recipes for the old ones 👆 in #TheWholesomeCookBook

Good morning! Who is ready for a new day? Dreaming of this beautiful summery smoothie I styled and shot for an upcoming cookbook and wellness guide by the wonderful Fiona @fionatucknutrition