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S Madera  Follow my journey through trying to eat whole, clean and healthy to get fit and feel good.

Amazing #wholewheat pizza my MIL made last week was so good. #homemade is so much better! I managed 6 work outs in 5 days last week, and took the weekend off for my daughter's 2nd birthday. I need to move up a level this week- wish me luck! #fitmama #fitfamily #cleanitup #gottaloosethebabyweight

Baby boy and mama (in the mirror) at the end of mum&bub dance class. I made it 6 days of #jillian plus this dance class- which may have killed me as we are (omg, hopefully!) at the end of 2 weeks of little sleep. It's been painful, but I stayed committed. #fitfamily #fitmama #littleboy #motivation #butsoootired #teamnosleep

Dinner last was an easy curry- onions, chick peas, pumpkin, in coconut milk with brown rice. Not gonna lie- it's been a tough week. Both kids have been sick and #littleboy has been up tons in the night, due to his stuffy nose and teething. But I'm at the point that getting up to work out makes me less tired, so I'm sticking with it. #90daybodyrevolution , #kickboxing and mama baby dance class in rotation to keep it spicy! #fitmama #fitfamily #motivation #stilltoomanysweets #workingonthat

Last night's dinner was amazing. Cuban but with brown rice. I had 2nds it was so good- and I was so hungry. I've started the #90daybodyrevolution and have managed to stick with it (and my rockstar MIL has joined me) and started a weekly mum & bub dance class- my big boy is a good weight! I'm thinking I need to start counting calories again, to make sure I'm getting enough. The life of a #breastfeeding mom! #newborn #fitfamily #fitmama

This, here- this bottle of milk has helped me work out every day this week- 5 days of Jillian and 2 day of 20 minutes yoga (self led). My sweet hubby has taken the middle of the night feed, helping me get more uninterrupted sleep. I actually feel like I can work out in the mornings, even if #babyboy wakes up early and interrupts the flow. I hate pumping but the 30 min of movement makes it worth it. #grateful #feelingmorehuman #fitmama #fitfamily #newborn #breastfeeding

Hubby made these pork tacos with homemade tortillas- beautiful, yummy, delicious. I haven't been as dedicated to the cause this week as our schedule has been all over the map. But it's getting better and I'm starting to feel like a real person again. Gotta step up my game. #fitfamily #fitmama #2under2 #newborn #2monthspostpartum #wholefoods #homemade

Happy Chinese New Year! Some homemade Chinese food to celebrate the year of the Rooster. We are getting better, sleep wise, but no where near a schedule! The days were I could squeeze in yoga, even 10-15 minutes, were better days, which I've managed 3 days/wk. Something, but hoping to be more consistent. #fitfamily #fitmama #workinprogress #2monthspostpartum #cny

Mommy daughter green smoothies. We started making smoothies when she was picky about fruits and veggies, so we tossed them in the nutribullet. She sucks them down and I don't fuss if she doesn't eat all her dinner. So today I thought I'd try one too. Healthy eating= self love. #fitfamily #fitmama #2monthspostpartum #wholefoods

This week has been tough. #babyboy decided he didn't want to sleep so I've been getting less than 6 hours, including a short nap in the afternoon (and I am a 9hr/night kinda girl). So out of self love, I put my workouts on the back burner this week and have tried to take care of myself in other ways- catching sleep when I can and eating as much as I needed. Here's to rest and recovery- and a better sleeping baby (and mama)! #teamnosleep #fitmama #fitfamily #reallife #accountable #selflove

For my first week back, I'm pretty proud of myself- I managed Jillian Sun-Tues, a little Yoga Wed and Thursday, Friday was a rest day, then back to Jillian Sat and Sunday. I'm trying to listen to my body and be flexible. I also tracked my calories for the week to ensure I got enough. Next I need to try to reduce my sugars and eat more Whole Foods. Here's my usual breakfast, with homemade almond milk. #workinprogress #fitfamily #fitmama #berries

I was planning to take Sunday off but after talking with a friend during a late night feed I was motivated to make it work. I did a @jillianmichaels workout-- and I think #babyboy was amused by the jumping around. Win:win #fitfamily #fitmama #kickboxing #motivation

I had a fun time running around at soccer practice with my nearly 2 yr old. I worked up quite a sweat, as I was wearing my 14 lb + baby! Good thing, as the 7 wk has been fussy this week, waking lots, making for a tired mama, and tough to get any workouts in. But! I've been consistent in tracking my calories, making sure I get enough. #babysteps #fitfamily #fitmama #teamnosleep

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