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The Official Whole30 Program  Home of the original #Whole30 program. The Whole30 Day by Day & The Whole30 Fast and Easy Cookbook out now. WHOLE30.COM for more.

If you experienced significant weight loss with the Whole30 program, you're familiar with this dynamic. You want to share about your entire experience ... better sleep, increased energy, emotional victories, a number of #NSVs AND weight loss ... but everyone wants to focus on the weight. @melissa_hartwig has some ideas about how to navigate those conversations. Click the link in our bio to read it. #Whole30 #NSV

Introducing #Whole30Approved @foursigmatic 🍄 We love their functional mushroom drinks ... and today through Saturday, they're on mega sale, with up to 40% off many of their most popular products. Plus, Whole30'ers get an additional 15% off with the code whole30 (Score!). Click the link in our profile to see their Whole30 Approved collection, and to shop the Four Sigmatic Summer Sale.⠀
@foursigmatic offers a range of fourteen (14!!) Whole30 Approved products. Their offerings include the ultra-popular Mushroom Coffee with Lion's Mane, a great compliment to your morning routine, and the single-serve packets make it easy to take on the go. Not a coffee drinker? The Mushroom Matcha is a great alternative, and is delicious hot or iced.⠀
Click the link in our profile to check out the Whole30 Approved collection at @foursigmatic, and take advantage of their great sale pricing. Don't forget to use the code whole30 for an additional 15% off your order.⠀

Confused about fish safety and potential mercury exposure? Tap the link in bio to read the current recommendations for mamas on the @Whole30HMHB blog.⠀
@stephgreunke shares the best choices for fish consumption whether you're trying to conceive, pregnant, or breastfeeding. She also discusses considerations for fish oil supplementation, and a note on sushi consumption.⠀

Photo: Dana Devolk⠀
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A thought on rewards, “treat yo’self,” and self-love from @melissa_hartwig:

“Things that are often cited as acts of self-love, but really aren't:

-Eating or drinking something you know is going to make you feel like crap, or will only serve to create more stress, guilt, or shame when you're done consuming it. That is not love.
-Buying something you can't afford in the name of "treat yo'self," creating more stress, guilt, or shame when the bill comes due. That is not love.
-Blowing off responsibilities in the name of "taking time for you," to the degree that you create more stress, guilt, or negative consequences when it's time to get back to the real world. That is not love.
-Being tough on yourself, thinking you can motivate yourself with negative self-talk or self-shame. It goes without saying, that is not love.
-Denying yourself pleasure or happiness until you've "earned it" or "deserve it." That is not love.
-Pretending your are in love with yourself when in fact, you're struggling. That is not love.

Things you can do instead:
-Prepare food you know makes you healthier and tastes delicious.
-Buy, borrow, make, or do something that brings you joy, staying within your budget (like buying yourself flowers).
-Do what needs to be done... then, relax, knowing you've taken care of the most important things and letting the rest go.
-Let yourself be happy. Accept the compliment, feel the joy, be proud of the progress, show up in the world.
-Admit when you are struggling, and ask for support, a sympathetic ear, or trusted advice.
-Connect with another human being.
-Connect with another human being.
-Connect with another human being.

That is love.”

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If you're new around here (welcome!) you might not understand what we mean by "Whole30 Emergency." If you haven't experienced one yet, you will soon ... it's almost a guarantee! Click the link in our profile to read @melissa_hartwig's definition of a "Whole30 Emergency," and how she personally stocks her pantry and frig to avoid them as best as she can.⠀
Whole30 alum ... what's your favorite Whole30 Emergency or on-the-go option?⠀
whole30.com/2018/06/melissa-emergency-food #Whole30 #IAmWhole30

Tacos are for EVERYDAY. 🌶🥑 Click the link in our profile to get the recipe for this Party Taco Salad from @mariamakesstuff It's a fresh, veggie-packed dish to meal prep for your lunches this week! #recipe #tacos #Whole30 whole30.com/2018/03/whole30-taco-3/⠀

Hey mama! Are you curious about our @whole30hmhb pregnancy program? Tap the link in our profile to preview a sample chapter from our Healthy Mama, Happy Baby handbook.⠀
Simply put, Healthy Mama Happy Baby pairs a virtual pregnancy handbook with an exclusive online community. It's a resource about pregnancy nutrition, health and wellness created by the people you already trust, @melissa_hartwig and @rockyourhormones.⠀
If you're currently pregnant, or plan on becoming pregnant, the Healthy Mama Happy Baby program will answer your questions about pregnancy nutrition and health. You'll also connect with a community of women who believe in whole food nutrition, nurturing self-care, and community connection, while understanding that balance is necessary, and perfection is not. It's the information you're looking for, without the Google spiral, judgment or fear-mongering. Click the link in our profile to sample the Healthy Mama Happy Baby program today.⠀
https://mamas.whole30.com/sample-chapter/ PHOTO: Andrew Neel

Please welcome our new class of Whole30 Coaches! Our Coaches are Whole30 experts; they work with Whole30'ers on skills like meal prep and planning; they offer motivation and support; and they can advise you on how to succeed during your Whole30. If you want to work with a Whole30 Coach, tap the link in our profile

Cristina Houston, BS, E-RYT is located in Houston, Texas. Connect with CRISTINA ➜ @cristina_houston
Julie Michelson is located in Loveland, Colorado. Connect with JULIE via email ➜ julie@juliemichelson.com

Tannyr Denby Watkins is located in Alexandria, Virginia. Connect with TANNYR ➜ @TheDeliciousAntidote

Melissa Tenholder is located in Saint Louis, Missouri. Connect with MELISSA ➜ @chopitrealgood

coach.whole30.com/coaches #Whole30 #Whole30Coach#IAmWhole30

We're loving your photos of @thewholesmiths #GoodFoodCookbook! It's the first-ever Whole30 Endorsed cookbook and it's so fun to see how our Whole30 community is using it to support their Whole30 + Food Freedom. You can snag your own copy at @target, @barnesandnoble, @costco, @walmart or at your favorite local bookseller. ⠀
These were just a few of our favorite photos from @wholenourishedmama, @wholeymoleymom, @ohhstrawberry, @theglutenfreerunner and @theyardleysoilylife. Show us how you're using the book by posting photos to the #GoodFoodCookbook hashtag.⠀
@thewholesmiths still has book tour stops in Seattle, Portland and Denver; if you want to catch her in your city, click the link in our profile for more info about her events!⠀

These crab legs from @cookathomemom are a fantastic summer treat and look so tasty. She posted them last week on @whole30recipes... just scroll back a few rows in that feed to find the recipe. #Whole30 #Whole30Approved

We'll go first: you're working hard to change your health, habits and relationship with food. And that's AWESOME. #Whole30 #changeyourlife #itstartswithfood #Whole30Approved

It can be tricky navigating #FoodFreedom when you’re constantly inundated with new nutritional research and conflicting information. This week on the @whole30hmhb blog, @stephgreunke shares a strategy to help you focus in on what is most important to you.

Tap the link in our bio to read more, but this strategy involves choosing three daily nutrition non-negotiables. When you focus on just three habits, it becomes more realistic that you’ll accomplish them since you’re requiring less decision-making and willpower.

What are your nutrition non-negotiables?

Photo: Amanda Rydell https://mamas.whole30.com/nutrition-non-negotiables/ #whole30hmhb #whole30mama #pregnancynutrition #prenatalcare#wholemamas #postpartumnutrition

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