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Whitney Simmons  It’s a beautiful day to be alive 🌸 I run on sarcasm + lifting heavy things but you'll never see me actually running 🏃🏼‍♀️💨 ▫️YouTube ▫️Gymshark


lil bit of a fat blasting HIIT circuit I promised youuuuu 😅💦💛 5 exercises, 2 rounds for a BOMB HOT FIRE high intensity fat blasting workout 👊🏼 BTW personal Q&A went live on my YouTube todayyy

1️⃣ 30 seconds | jump lunge, squat, lunge! I show a beginner modification at the end of the clip without the jumps! If I’m burnt out, I’ll switch to this to push through

Rest 20 seconds

2️⃣ 30 seconds | this move is LESS about quads and more so about quick movements and getting your heart rate up! You can see I don’t go into a deep squat. Jump over and add a little oblique crunch at the end lol

Rest 20 seconds

3️⃣ 30 seconds | MY FAVE! Been showing you star jumps forever now 😂 star jump into half burpee, plank walk over and do it again

Rest 20 seconds

4️⃣ 30 seconds | ball slams. All about quick movements here! Please don’t use a ball that will bounce and hit you in the face pls be careful

Rest 20 seconds

5️⃣ 30 seconds | in & out jump, into touch down each side

Rest 3-5 minutes and repeat again! Wearing new @gymshark leggings coming soooooon! No release date atm but I’ll let you know💛 song is Stole Your Car by Charlotte Lawrence

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It’s a booooooootiful day to be alive 😂💕🌸🌴 we surprised my mom on her birthday with a lil getaway for some much needed time away with the girls💕 so grateful for the times I get to see my mom and sis. Living across the country from my family makes me cherish these moments💛

It’s a beautiful day to start your week off with a HOT FIRE ab circuit 😅💦👏🏼 don’t forget to double tap and support your girl💙 I also filmed HIIT so let me know if you want to see that too 🤟🏼 OK AB CIRCUIT OF DEATH I HOPE YOU ARE READY GIRL & boys too okay abs are for everyone wooohoooo

1️⃣ lmao sorry I know I do these all the time but they’re the real deal 😂 12-15 reps

2️⃣ 15 reps each leg! Leave the barbell out for an easier modification

3️⃣ 15 reps

4️⃣ focus on lifting your booty at the end of this movement- you can also leave the ball out of this one! I did 12-15 reps

Rest 2 minutes in between each circuit, repeat for 3 total rounds! Wearing new @gymshark coming soon!! No date atm but I’ll let you know💕💗 song is Stole Your Car by Charlotte Lawrence

#abs #absworkout #workouts #workoutroutine #mondaymotivation

fell from the sky into my lap❤️🤟🏼

it’s a beautiful day to be alive 🌸💛✨ after months and months of feeling in a rut... I’m finally feeling myself again. I took some time for myself, I focused back in on my health. I remembered WHY I started my fitness journey. The gym has always been my escape. I work out to relieve stress, to focus on myself... to feel good mentally and physically. I lost that for a bit. But I’m back to me and I’m feeling happy again and I’m so grateful for all of you for sharing your stories. Life is SO CHALLENGING SOMETIMES but we keep going. We keep fighting. Even on our worst days, there’s at least 1 thing we can be grateful for. Okay ILY thanks for dealing with my emotional, dramatic self 😂💗

some of the best of the best, BOMB BURN OUT booty and hamstring moves HOLY HOT FIRE FLAMES 😅💦 don’t forget to double tap to support 😩❤️ Add these moves to the end of your next leg day and GIRRRRRRL idek if you’re ready because ow, lol you’ll love it let’s get it

1️⃣ ALL ABOUT ZEEEE GLUTES HERE! I did 2 sets of 30 reps. GYM HACK: wrap a sweatshirt around your waist if you feel awkward here which.... rightfully so lol

2️⃣ hamstring demolisher 😅 2 sets of 15 pulses into 15 complete reps WOWZA

3️⃣ 2 sets of 20 assisted glute ham raises!! Thank you @taychayy for this modification 😅 usually I do about 10 by myself and call it quits but GIRL with this modification I was able to push myself a bit more and really burn out my hammies

Song is breathin by @arianagrande 💕💗 #bootybootybooty #bootyworkout #legworkout #workouts #workoutoftheday

you know what time it is... it’s time for an ABS-OLUTELY demolishing bodyweight ab circuit (lol sorry that just never gets old). Don’t forget to double tap to support your girl 😩💕 4 exercises for 1 BOMB circuit! Repeat 2-3 times if you’re up for it I KNOW YOU ARE GIRL

1️⃣ lower abarooooos 15 raises, keep core engaged entire time

2️⃣ lol lol lol ow windshield wipers are death I did 10

3️⃣ 15 plank toe touch to oblique crunches

4️⃣ 30 bicycle crunches holy heck I forgot all about these lol

In case you missed it, an entire HOT FIRE leg & booty workout went up in my YouTube yesterday!! Wearing new @gymshark vital seamless collection💕 no release date atm. Song is 4U by Joakim Molitor

#workouts #fitnessmotivation #absworkout #abs #circuittraining #workout

nothing quite like puppy kisses on a Monday morning 💚🌼✨ today I’m grateful for my health. The chance to wake up and start again in this insane machine we get to live in????? It’s crazy. Tell me what you’re grateful for today


3 new colors of the @gymshark slounge sets just released ‼️ Khaki, Charcoal and Pink 😍 you can shop the sets through the link in my bio!! It supports me and the pups

we love and we thank you hehe

It’s a beautiful day to be alive!! New leg & booty workout in up on YouTube!! Time to have a beautiful week and crush our goals and BE HAPPPPPPY (even when it’s really hard to do like Navy is expressing in the background lmao mooooooooood) ily also sorry I’ll wash my mirror lol how does that happen????

BACK BACK BACK... back again hehe. Holy heck n bob I have fallen back in love with back day 😅💦🙌🏼 nothing like a shreddy, defined back AMIRITE LADIES?! Don’t forget to double tap to support your girl💙 okay let’s get it

1️⃣ 4 sets of 8 | bent over dumbbell row

2️⃣ 3 sets of 10 | cable stretchers a big ty to @aligay for this one I loooooooove it! Remember, up your weight on this... it’ll surprise you how much you can do here

3️⃣ 3 sets of 12 | cable kayak rows

4️⃣ baby bicep burnout here woooo 2-3 sets of 10 wide grip barbell curl into 10 close grip

Wearing that @gymshark new new coming soon! Song is Loyal to Me by @ninanesbitt

#workouts #fitnessmotivation #armworkout #backworkout #workout #workoutroutine

It’s a beautiful day to be alive 💛🌸✨💕 a quote that has helped me on my toughest days. New chatty get ready with me ft. my everyday makeup routine is now liiiiiiiiiiiive on my YouTube (link in bio). Talking about the struggles I’ve been going through the past few months ft. my toughest critic lol, myself. Been working on being kinder to myself and focusing back in on my mental health. The reason I found the gym💕 okay I love you, WE CAN DO THIS!!!!

ohhhh just a whole lot of booooty demolishing today at the gym 😅💦😩🙌🏼 don’t forget to double tap to support your girl💕 OK SO happy with todays workout with my friends enjoying Labor Day!!!! It’s a beautiful day to demolish some legs ARE YA READY

1️⃣ I LOVE THIS SET SO MUCH! 5 t-bar single leg RDL on each leg into 10 sumo squats

2️⃣ cable superset of glute death lol 10 cable pull through into 15 cable sumo squats ow I did 3 sets here

3️⃣ WOOOOOOO these hurt. 10 barbell or dumbbell!! Lunges into sumo squat. Then repeat on other leg! I did this 3 times

Wearing @gymshark, link is always in bio to shop💕 song is Gloe by Kiiara

#fitnessmotivation #booty🍑 #bootybootybooty #workouts #mondaymotivation #legworkout #legday

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