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Today she is 1. And we arrived here in a time machine! Feels like yesterday we were wearing diapers home from the hospital ;) And these last 365 days together have changed my life forever. Never before have I been more aware of the imperfect person I am, living in this seemingly perfect world, a world where I am blessed to be this girl's mama. I always wonder why she would pick me as a mom (like srsly those blue eyes must have gotten lost on her way here) and I will probably wonder this forever, but she makes me want to move heaven and earth to be the mom this dream girl deserves. I will always be grateful that she is my baby girl. We love you Rivvy 💗

Last week was @pazpizazz's bday and she's no longer a teenager. She's an adult. And she makes adulting look good. There's no one I'd trust my firstborn with like Paz. She's so loving to Riv, and she tells the best jokes. Now if only she and all of her beauty and awesomeness could just rub off on me... HBD homie, the Vincent House loves you!

When your coworker types way more words per minute than you

Call your grandma, we have a walker!!!

They had fireworks on Riv's 10 month bday, which I thought was a bit much for a month-iversary, but she's just that cool.

Happy Birthday @larziewillman. She makes everything look easy. She moved to London right after graduating HS, which if I did I'd still be stuck on the metro completely lost. She writes music, sings, and plays the piano, while I can't even sing along to a song alone in the car that's how bad it is. Mom lyfe even looks better on her (see last video). We love you SO much, Larz, HBD 😘

My cousin was called to be a missionary in Hungary (where her dad is from and where he & our aunt served!), so last weekend we got to hang out with her, Riv got to meet her great grandparents, and we went to church with the lady who introduced them and my dad's family to the church. It was a memorable weekend, with really great people.

It's the longest day of the year, and all I can think about is that it's still going way too fast when I look at her. #summersolstice

Practicing our long distance relationship from a young age. Not much has changed other than another Happy Birthday to @cheltsiespils--the Wonder Woman who has raised 4 of the most beautiful kids with her husband in dental school, gives good advice, is an amazing writer, fashion & design expert, knows how to relocate a whole family across the country all while still being a total babe, and I'm still just over here in the driveway in a diaper. Thanks for always leading the way big sis. Xo

It's like you have all these dad skills up your sleeve, yet you're wearing a sleeveless shirt and I have no idea how you do it. Where do all these dad skills keep coming from?! Watching you become a dad is my favorite memory of ours to date. Riv and I love you @chrisvincent.

If you measure a dad by his dad jokes, these dads take the cake. Happy Fathers Day to the best of em!

Happy #nationalbestfriendday to my BFFs. If I could just follow them around and be their Instagram husband, I would be.

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