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WHITNEY JONES IFBB FITNESS PRO  💕Mom 🏆2018 Ms. Fitness Int’l 🏆5x Olympian 💙Owner @theprophysiques @fearless_wj 🦁 ❤️Sponsors @surgesupplements @lululemon @tmariesuits @liquidsunrayz

#MotivationMonday ~ ❤️During yesterday’s routine practice I wanted to test out my BBoy Swipes - I’m 4+ months post ACL surgery and now that I have my fitted knee brace I felt it was a good day to try. 😃🙏🏻 I had to take it slow and focus on the form and planting my right foot correctly since this move can be very funky. I definitely will be working to get the speed faster and working on different variations to the swipe but I was extremely happy that there was NO pain and that I was able to do it!! 🎉🎉🎉 Woohoo, BAMMER baby! It’s go time with less than 9 weeks to the @mrolympiallc ❤️ Practice, practice, practice. Progress each day 👊🏼 Thank you @fischer_institute @kitrecovery @emilio_torrez @ika_eekah @happyhandstand we’ve got big plans and I’m stoked to have y’all all supporting me. #ThePros @thepros_ifbb_npc #Olympia2018 #IFBB #IFBBProLeague @ifbb_pro_league @generationironofficial #ThisIsFitness @competitionfitness #WhitneyJones @official_rxmuscle #surgeeliteathlete @surgesupplements @surgefam

This is how I finish my long routine practice days. With a standard freezing cold ice bath. I get 6 of the large McDonalds bags of ice. Fill the tip half way full with cold water. Then get in and add each of the 6 bags into the water. This will take the water above your belly button. Start a timer and stay in there for 12 minutes. It’s definitely not easy and I HATE being cold - like it’s by far one of my biggest complaints. BUT the ice baths do an amazing job of reducing inflammation and waking up ur muscles and joints and giving your body a restart. Give it a try. The water temp got down today to 42 degrees. But I wouldn’t recommend going below 35. Then get a warm towel ready so u can warm up and relax after your time is up. Recovery at its finest. #IceBath #WhitneyJones #Rehab #ACLRecovery #ThePros @thepros_ifbb_npc @surgesupplements @surgefam #surgeeliteathlete

Exactly 9 weeks to bring my best package ever to the stage. @mrolympiallc is approaching and it seems each day gets me more and more excited! So stoked to be able to get back on stage and keeping on top of my rehab. I’m now 4+ months post ACL/MCL Surgery and I’m feeling amazing. Staying focused on my daily & weekly goals and pushing hard to be at my best for the 2018 #FitnessOlympia 💖 Counting down each day! #FEARless #LetsDoThis #ThePros #IFBB #WhitneyJones @thepros_ifbb_npc #Savage @npcnewsonlineofficialpage #2018Olympia @generationironofficial #GenerationIron3 @official_rxmuscle @ifbb_pro_league @surgesupplements #surgeeliteathlete

#TBT with my girl @ryallfitness there’s nobody I’d rather be on an #Oreo hunt with than her! My soul sister for COUNTLESS reasons (not just Oreos) and also my @thepros_ifbb_npc teammate but most importantly a very dear fiend. This pic was at Meet The Athletes at the @arnoldsports #MsFitnessInternational a few years ago. Can’t wait to see ya soon my girl and share more epic memories with you at this years @mrolympiallc in 9 weeks baby! #LetTheFunBegin #LoveYaRy @ifbb_pro_league #IFBB #FitnessPros #WhitneyJones #ThePros

Always a blast with this firecracker 🎉@jobie_obie_ifbbpro who is in town working on #FitnessRoutine choreography. Swipe Left ◀️😝 It’s hard to be “normal” when we’re together. 🤣🤣 We put together such a fun routine that will be showcased this fall! 😍 Just you wait and follow her journey to her #ProDebut @ifbb_pro_league ❤️ #ThisIsFitness @competitionfitness #ThePros @thepros_ifbb_npc #IFBB #WhitneyJones #IFBBFitnessPros

Tricky Tuesday! Just few more weeks until I’ll be flying high with my Tie touches!! Cant wait to get this airborne again! #TakeFlight @kitrecovery @fischer_institute #ToeTouches @competitionfitness #thisisfitness #ThePros @thepros_ifbb_npc #WhitneyJones @mrolympiallc #Olympia2018 #MsFitnessInternational

Asking for a friend?? 😍🍩

So proud of my 2 #IFBB Pro Fitness girls who both placed today at the #VancouverPro @vanproshow 🏆🏆 @ashleyallenfit placed 4th and @alijoburns_ifbbpro placed 5th in her #ProDebut ❤️ So proud and excited for them! They represented so well for our team @thepros_ifbb_npc #ThePros and now it’s time to celebrate. Congrats to all the athletes who competed today! It was an incredible show. 💕 @competitionfitness #ThisIsFitness #WhitneyJones #LoveMyGirls @ifbb_pro_league #IFBB

*Progress Update - 4 months post ACL Surgery and hittin’ my 36” box jumps solid! I am stoked. I shot this video earlier in the week before I flew out of town so now I wonder if I can jump higher now! 😝 Just kidding - I won’t push it. As promised I try to post about my ACL reconstruction rehab and progress bc so many of y’all out there are unfortunately in the same position and rehabbing from your own surgery. We got this! Keep pushing and we’ll keep inspiring and motivating each other. #Comeback #WhitneyJones @mrolympiallc #ACLSurgery #ThePros @thepros_ifbb_npc @surgesupplements #SurgeEliteAthlete #BoxJumps @competitionfitness #ThisIsFitness @fischer_institute @kitrecovery @happyhandstand

#FlashbackFriday ~ I’m in Vancouver this weekend for the @vanproshow so it’s only fitting to go back to when I stepped on this stage few years back! It was such an incredible weekend and #Vancouver is so beautiful. I love being back here as a coach this weekend for our @thepros_ifbb_npc #IFBB girls who will hit the stage tomorrow. It’s almost show time for them and it’s going to be another amazing weekend. I love this sport and love that I get to coach my athletes and share my passion with them. #LetsDoThis @ifbb_pro_league @competitionfitness #ThisIsFitness #ThePros #WhitneyJones #VancouverProShow #FEARless

Ready for the 4th of July festivities here in #Seattle 🎉 visiting my brother and his wife who I love @darceyestes ❤️ Let the fun begin! 🎊🇺🇸🎉 #IndependenceDay Thanks for all those who have served and are currently serving to allow all of us the freedom to live, be and dream! ❤️ #Family #WhitneyJones

Happy 4th of July! 🇺🇸Hope y’all enjoy a day of celebrating our freedom! BBQ, Fireworks & fun in the sun! And yes peeps i have my American flag swimsuit on behind my veil of the flag #America 💙❤️ #EnjoyTheDay #WhitneyJones Photo Credit: @trudgephoto

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