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crying and fighting all morning, until the second we step outside and then..... 😁😁😁 anyone else always forget that trick? 🙋🏼‍♀️ quick trip to the playground working miracles over here. 😅

not sure who cried more last night...me or Cal. 💔😭 sweet boy had to get stitches on his chin last night and i have never seen a little kid be so brave (swipe left). which made me realize...every kid is so brave!! I know other moms & dads have to see their children go through much worse, which has to be the hardest thing. 😔 there was hardly any blood anymore when they were stitching him up and I was still on the verge of passing out. 😬😷 Cal’s been in good spirits and getting all the special treatment today and we’re both loving every minute of it. 🖤🖤

from the pumpkin patch the other night >> we picked out pumpkins, went for a wagon ride, played on the tractors, ate donuts...should about hold us over until Halloween hopefully? 😅

just been over here in complete and utter denial that Fall is here. all these cuties have Fall birthdays and I’ve just really come to dread this season 🙊 (am I even allowed to say that on instagram? 😂)...I just hate that my babies are all getting older! 😭😭💔💔 happy October I guess 😬🙃 #summerforever

just a girl and her first pair of jeans/real pants 😂👖💙...swipe left to see the extra pep she had in her step today. 💘 #myjunemagnolia

walked in on this. ^ what would he/we do without her, honestly. 💙💕#boygirltwins #calandjune

sisters weekend about to go down in a few days and I’m just a tiiiiny bit excited. (!!!!!) can’t wait to be reunited with my three favorite gals. ^^ 💕💕💕
(Also some other family photos from when we were in Outer Banks this summer. Such a good time spending a week with my mom & dad, 7 siblings, in-laws and too many nieces & nephews to count. ☺️ and p.s. happy birthday to my mom today!! She’s just the best, we love her sooo much 💘)

we have this thing with yellow 💛💛
(and cookies...thanks for the goodies @valeriebakerbakes!)

life is too short to not post the selfies you take with your babies✌🏻

sometimes they remind me of an old married couple. 👴🏻👵🏻 swipe left to watch the little moment they were having before naptime today...99% sure Cal was asking Junie to pick his nose. 🙊😂 #calandjune #boygirltwins

cracking up at this photo because first of all, #notflattering, but also because it’s a pretty accurate depiction of how I felt towards the half-marathon I ran on Saturday. I loved every minute of every one of the 13.1 (all downhill 🙌🏻) miles. It went way better than I was expecting and it just felt so GOOD!! Never in a million years did I think I would ever say those words, but it’s true. I was on a runner’s high basically all day....until I woke up the next morning. soooo sore. 😖😂 Anyways, really grateful my sister @nlew8 convinced me this was a good idea...it was my first race but hopefully not my last. ✌🏻

just re-living our glory days, nbd. #byualumni #byu4life #datenight #byufootball

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