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We changed the flooring in our family room and I am soooo in love!! (it used to be dark gray carpet..) This room was empty while we were doing the floors & baseboards and I realized how *amazing* it would be to have just a permanently empty room in our house with huge windows & tons of natural light...I feel like it would do wonders mostly for my sanity (spending 15 minutes in an empty room alone! Doesn’t that sound incredible!? No? Just me? 😂) and my kids’ imaginations. maybe in our next house? 🙏🏻😆💸

Wyatt is published! 😜 The photo series I did of his first year as a baby was included in last month’s issue of the Swiss magazine @wireltern.ch. It was his first time in a magazine, but who knows...maybe not his last. ❤️ #babysfirstyear

⭐️GIVEAWAY!⭐️ Anyone have all their Christmas shopping done yet?? I showed you guys in my stories all the goodies I got from @jcpenney and I’m so excited to be teaming up with them to give away a $100 gift card for one lucky person to finish their Christmas shopping at jcpenney.com! 🙌🏻 #ad They really do have everything and always the best prices. If you’d like to enter follow these super easy guidelines......
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🚂 almost positive they’ll be talking about that time they rode on the Polar Express for the next 12 months. ❤️✨ such a fun/kind of exhausting night for our little fam. ☺️ And bc I know everyone is dying to know (jk!!!! 😉)...Junie did totally fine but Cal thought the scary guy from the movie (like why did they add him in anyways?) would be on the train and was completely inconsolable for 15 minutes. 🙈🙈 finally warmed up tho and had a great time. 😅

surprising our kids tonight and taking them on a “Polar Express” train ride. 👏🏻👏🏻 don’t know why I do this, but I always keep this kind of stuff a surprise...I just love seeing their faces when they realize what we’ll be doing. 😆 I know Wyatt & Cal will go crazy for it, but ten bucks says Junie cries the whole time and just absolutely hates it. 😂 We’ll see!! Hope everyone is having the best December so far! ❤️❤️

🛁 bc mama’s running out of things to do inside to keep these kids entertained 😅 and bc we wanted to try out our new @wileybody soap! I love this stuff so so much...the packaging/branding is *beyond* beautiful (swipe left!), it smells soo good, and it totally passes the Santa bubble-beard test. 🎅🏻☝🏻 Their 3-in-1 body bubble (body wash, shampoo & bubble bath) would be such a cute stocking stuffer, and without sounding too dramatic..I feel like it’s the baby soap of my dreams. ✨ And did I mention how much I love their packaging?? 😆 They just launched today and I already can’t wait to see what @wileybody comes up with next. Seriously impressed.🖤🖤 #wewileyloveyou

It’s not even December yet and we’ve already run out of kids Christmas movies to watch. 😆 #ad We found our new movie snack of choice with this @smartfoodpopcorn and I swear these three would’ve eaten that entire bag if I let them (that white cheddar flavor tho 😋). Love that it is made with real ingredients and doesn’t have any artificial flavors...so maybe actually I could’ve just let them eat the whole bag? 🤔 Check out @mysmithsgrocery or your local grocery store that carries @KrogerCo to get some #SmartfoodPopcornatKroger. Also obviously in need of some more Christmas movies (for kids ages 3-5), so if you know of any good ones I’d love to hear them! 😘

Cal & Junie turned 3 yesterday!! Besides Cal being sick the night before 🤢😷 and Junie putting herself to bed in the middle of her party (before we even got to presents & cake 🤦🏼‍♀️😂), we had such a fun weekend celebrating these two. 🖤🖤 June requested a pink Princess Poppy cake (of course) and Cal wanted a green dinosaur cake, so I just did what I was told. ☺️ It’s sad to see my kids growing up so fast but I also really love the age all my kids are right now. We have so much fun together and they are my very best friends. 😭❤️ We love our twinnies soooo so so much and I feel like the luckiest mama that they are mine. Happy birthday babies!!! #twinmom #boygirltwins

my bbs are turning another year older tomorrow, so today..we celebrate. 🖤🖤

I’ve been saying I wanted to get a fake tree this year, but of course we found ourselves at the tree farm today...🤦🏼‍♀️😆 do you do a real or fake tree?? this tradition is so fun but I’m still not sure all the extra work and mess is worth it. 🙊😬🎄(p.s. watching daddy cut down a tree is really serious business ^)

^ that time I was a few days away from giving birth to twins and was just really feeling it. 😅🐘 my babies were born on the night of Thanksgiving Eve, so it will just always be a special day for me. 🖤🖤 hope everyone has a happy Thanksgiving tomorrow! #twinpregnancy #twinmom

[photo of Cal soon after he was born 😍❤️💔]
Happy Prematurity Awareness Month! #ad If you’ve been following along since my twins were born, you might remember they were born at 36 weeks & 5 days and Cal had to be in the NICU for 4 days after he was born. The doctors & nurses and were very supportive of my plan to breastfeed them, so they were very accommodating and allowed us to stay at the hospital for a couple extra days so that I could nurse both June (who was with us in our room) and Cal (who was in the NICU). I’m a firm believer in doing whatever works best for mother & baby as far as breastfeeding vs. formula feeding goes when it comes to full term babies (#fedisbest!). But for our tiniest fighters, I know nutrition in the NICU is such an important topic for moms of preemies. I’m excited to be partnering with @prolacta_bioscience which offers the only human milk fortifiers made from 100% human milk (instead of cow milk), donated by mama’s who have excess breastmilk, to give preemies the added nutrition they need in the NICU! Although our twins didn’t need the fortifier added to my breastmilk, I know that most smaller preemies need it for the extra calories and protein it provides.
I’m happy to be raising awareness with @prolacta_bioscience so that preemie & NICU parents know that there is an alternative to the standard fortifiers made from cow milk that many hospitals use. The more moms that know of the benefits of human milk and fortifiers made from only human milk (especially for preemies in the NICU), the better! If you’re a preemie/NICU parent or know someone who is, be sure to share this with them or tag them in the comments below so they can learn more about the benefits of fortifier made with 100% human milk for their baby.
Check out the link in my bio for an infographic that breaks down the facts about fortifiers for you and your baby’s care team.

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