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Soooooo, I am nearing the end of my pregnancy and getting so antsy and excited yet nervous for the big day to come! Having no idea what to expect actually makes the waiting game so much easier, at least in my opinion ;). Last week, Timmy decided to put a camera in my face as soon as I woke up so we could give you the real, raw, inside look into how I'm doing! Big symptoms for me are swelling and super tender feet and hands (like insane!!! I don't even recognize them), general tiredness, feeling the need to have everything in place for baby (even though everyone keeps telling me all they need is my boob and a place to sleep), and HUNGER! The HUNGER has struck again! But this time I am just giving in to eating everything I want and not feeling an ounce of guilt about it. Who else is with me?? So happy I get to share this all with you! Don't know what I would do without all your feedback, support & tips! Click link in bio to watch full video!

Days away from welcoming our baby! I know life is about to get a little wild & unpredictable, but that doesn't mean it can't be wrinkle-free with @Niagara_Starch - Check out bit.ly/-IG-WP #PressOnNiagara #ad

About 2 weeks ago we babysat our soon to be 3 yr. old niece, Ruby, for 3 days! Now, Timmy and I have both babysat before, but NEVER for that long! You could say it was perfect timing for a little practice session right before we are about to have our own ( good thing a newborn doesn't come out as a 3 yr. old ;). As you will see, Ruby is possibly one of the cutest 3 year olds you'll ever lay your eyes on and I'm not just saying that because I'm her aunt. She is extremely smart and funny and beautiful and quirky and cozy, etc. But seriously, parenting a 3 year old is NO joke! There were some tears, some battles and some strong negotiating but all in all it made us so excited to parent and help mold a wonderful, little person of our own. Check out this weeks Chapter of I Love My Baby But...Our Weekend with Ruby and PLEASE let us know that we aren't just the worst babysitters ever and that having a 3 yr. old can be tough! // Link In Bio

Pregnancy has definitely affected my style - I want to be comfortable but I still always want to look polished and put together! Not going to lie... I've already started ironing my POST-pregnancy outfits with @Niagara_Starch. 😉 Check out bit.ly/-IG-WP #PressOnNiagara #ad

☀️Stay COOL, peeps!!!☀️ #dangitshot #bundlelove

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TGIF!!! So we are starting our descent (or ascent :)) into parenthood and as I mentioned yesterday, things are getting a little nuts! We purchased our first ever home about a month ago and immediately dug into the renovation process. Everyone thought we were crazy given we only had a couple months left to go before the baby would come! We are working diligently to get all the big projects out of the way so the house isn't a full on construction zone when our little nugget comes home but we are starting to get down to the wire! With the help of our amazing contractor Ed Pirverdian with #heavyweightconstruction (he's old school and doesn't have an insta. account  but if you need an amazing contractor in LA, he's your guy (c)818.915.0200) and insanely amazing interior designer @MarieFlaniganinteriors, we are on our way to having so many dreams come true. I never thought I'd love the renovation process so much but it is so special to be able to make a house your home. In this Chapter of I LOVE MY BABY BUT..., I take my sister and brother in law on a tour of our new home! Come along for the ride and let me know if you're as crazy as we are and taking on a huge project like this right before baby! Click link in bio to watch full episode!

What's one thing I've learned from my pregnancy besides how crazy it actually is?? Comfort doesn't have to mean compromising on looking your best! If you know me well, you know wrinkles are a MAJOR pet peeve of mine. With a little help from @Niagara_Starch, my neuroses calm down. Check out bit.ly/IG-WP #PressOnNiagara #ad

Trying to get SH*T done! I'm on the home stretch of my pregnancy and stuff is crazy! We are remodeling a home all while trying to handle careers and prep for baby all with a big a** belly! Sorry for all the swearing, but I'm pregnant and allowed! It's all such a blessing and we feel so incredibly lucky. I've been drinking my @bundleorganics juices to hydrate, nourish and stay sane. What are you doing to balance it all? All tips welcome! #bundlelove

☀️ Perfect day!!! ☀️Happy 4th everyone! Now where's the best place to see fireworks in #LA? #calmbeforethestorm

Weekends with Ruby #babysittersclub ☀️🌊🌸

So I have done a few different posts about pregnancy fashion on WHITNEYPORT.COM but I thought this time I'd actually take you inside my closet to see what I am wearing over and over again. In Chapter 12 of I Love My Baby and I'm Starting To Not Mind My Pregnancy So Much Anymore, I highlight the pieces that have grown with me and truly make me feel my best on the outside and are SUPER comfortable at the same time. I'd love to hear about the brands all of you pregnant chicks are loving right now too!

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