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Whitney Cummings  You can pre-order my book now if you want:) I'm Fine...And Other Lies


Got to see my two loveliest lovelies last night at my home @thecomedystore. I ❤️you two legendary unicorns @joerogan and @sebastiancomedy.

My day in a nutshell.

I really hope one day I'm as fun as I pretend to be on Instagram.

I'm a fun person.

New Tinder pic?

#tbt that time I literally posed in a toilet to get it for free for a movie since we couldn't afford it. Shame simply has no place in Hollywood, folks.

Sometimes when I'm with King I find myself getting needy and clingy. Fear comes up that we never have enough time together and my perfectionism tells me we should be bonding harder and more perfectly. For him this translates to feeling pressure, which triggers me to desperately try and make him more comfortable. This transpires into a Chinese finger trap shit show of codependence, so I find the best thing I can do is stop trying to "fix" it, and just detach with love and walk away to regroup. After I figure out what's going on with me (usually just good ole fashioned fear and a chronic need for dopamine) I can come back and we can re engage in a mature way. King has taught me that love is not urgent, that intimacy has nothing to do with proximity, and that relationships should be interdependent, not codependent. Sometimes when we push too hard, we push the thing we want so badly away from us. Thanks boy for teaching me the difference between loving and smothering. ❤️#honestgram #regroup

Roseanne and Becky with the good hair

Roseanne is in the zone. I'm in the photo.

If you don't think I wear dog blouses to work, you're sorely mistaken.

Sunday is healing day. ❤️#rescuehorse

Happy birthday to the kindest, most selfless person I know. Thank you for being the greatest friend a girl could ask for. Every day I thank god I'm not allergic to cats. ❤️😺

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