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📍Los Angeles  I just want to travel ❤️ @fixlaserandskincenter Brand Ambassador

*bae missed Valentines Day*
Him: baby my car broke down and the restaurant said the reservation cancelled itself , and my phone got stollen while I was in the middle of texting you and then I had a seizure and I just woke up two minutes ago and the robbers returned my phone....
Me: .

Me: ugh no Valentine AGAIN!!!
Also me: *500 unread text messages*, Ugh no one wants me men ain’t shit

When you have to many Valentine’s Day options #bae #otgenasis #everybodiesvalentine

I look like I’m in a profound thought huh. But really I’m thinking...would it be too ratchet of me to pee right here, or should I go behind that bush..

I like to wear my boyfriends clothes... and pull more hoes than him. 🤫 #mysaturdaynight #imliterallyabouttoknockout

Cause it’s friiddaaaayyyyy, you ain’t got no job, and you ain’t got shit to do. So you try and learn some rhythm from random Latinas you meet in the jacuzzi. I love Latin music but I low key can not dance. Lol someone teach me some crazy bachata 👀 #poplatino #dance #reggaeton #bachata

#TBT Remember when I busted your ass and then took your girl. #athlete #femalehooper #womensbasketball #shooter

The inner man: when they hit on the first date and they realize they don’t have to spend anymore money on you

My panties when I find out my crush is loyal, intelligent and loaded..

Friend: whit, there he is there he is...be cool
#hooper #womensbasketball #femalehooper #womeninsports #athlete

When that direct deposit hit, you ain’t getting cheated on, you smell breakfast in the morning , and don’t have to share your last two Oreos with bae. #happyfriday

Today is day 30 of my #30daysquatchallenge . I have 250 #squats to finish it off and in two days I will do a before and after. This month was amazing and a great start to #2019 . If you didn’t start off 2019 as strong as you wanted , that’s okay there is still a lot of year left . Fall in love with a healthy lifestyle and the rest will fall into place ❤️ #fitnessmotivation #fitness #fitnesschallenge #squatchallenge #getupandmove #resistancebandssquats #weightedsquats

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