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Whitespace  We are an independent Scottish creative agency, based in Edinburgh’s West End. We work hard, play hard and make wonderful things.


One thing I'm growing to love about #Scotland is the fact most #art galleries and museums are completely free to visit! It makes enjoying the coveted art and artifacts more fun when you can make a return visit for no additional charge if you fail to see them all the first time round.

It's @edfringe time and to celebrate, we're going to play a little numbers game... Total number of shows: 3,398
Number of venues: 300
Expected performances: 53,232
Countries represented: 62
International countries: 58
Number of free shows: 686
2017 stats via @VirginMoney

#Edinburgh's graveyards have given birth to some of the best-loved literary villains of our time. Dickens was inspired to write of the old Christmas-hating Ebenezer Scroggie after a visit to Canongate Kirkyard. ⚬⚬⚬ Similarly, Greyfriars Kirkyard is home to Tom Riddle’s grave. #HarryPotter fans will find more than one of J.K. Rowling’s famous characters in that particular graveyard...

Princes Street is today known as THE hub for shopping activity in #Edinburgh. Yet if it weren't for King George III, we could have been calling it ‘St Giles St’ instead. ⚬⚬⚬
The orignal name (recognising the patron saint of Edinburgh) was vetoed by the monarch who opted to name the street after his two sons instead. Ergo... Princes Street.

Greetings grammars, this is @bbolt_ reporting for duty. As a relatively new arrival to @whitespacers and Edinburgh, I’ve made it my mission this week to discover a bit more about the city and all the many white spaces and places within it!

After all, a core function of white space is to aid legibility and comprehension, so join me as we journey to discover more about the 'Burgh and #Whitespace.

Happy Friday people! AIM HIGH #aimhigh #fridayfeeling

Our very own @aboutasix Sarah is back from her epic road trip with the coolest tic tacs for the #whitespacers #tictac #epicroadtrip #agencylife

The view from the Whitespacers bar

Continental birthday celebrations for Robbie in the Whitespace bar... #agencylife #cheeseandhamcroissant

Happy 30th to our very own king of fife @robellus

Late afternoon sunshine #working #creativeminds

We never hear a peep from our neighbours...

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