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Ann Marie // formerly whbsblog  enjoy the everyday & embrace a simple life family of 7, suburban IL declutter with us: #40bagsin40days πŸ‘»: annmaheas join our daily email course: πŸ“¬


Another day another dresser. 😜 #40bagsin40days I changed sizes for Kate then decluttered my craft room/office on the other side of this room. 2 bags of donations, 1 bag recycling. The last picture is my returns, some art supplies going to a good cause, and other stuff waiting for a spot. It's too nice out to keep working inside! πŸ˜Žβ˜€οΈWhat did you do today? #40bags40days #whbs40in40 #whbsgrayhouse #decluttering #michaelsmakers

I've been going like crazy lately and had plenty of excuses for why my dresser is never quite clean. It is either close to it or crazy. (I just did this spot.) This literally took 2 minutes! Not a bag, but I will definitely breathe a little easier. 😚🌿#lovemyspace #smallvictories #40bagsin40days #whbsgrayhouse

The boys room is done! What are you working on? #40bagsin40days We started redoing this room 2 weeks ago: repaired ceiling damage, installed a fan, painted walls, ceiling, and trim. Sunday night we all pitched in to finish the room, clean up, and sort ALL three boys' clothes. #whew πŸ˜€ I really went through, replaced worn items with clothes from a friend, and cut down the amount we have to make laundry day less overwhelming. 5 bags of donations, 1 bag of garbage. So happy to have a nice spot for them!

It may be brown outside but it's green in here! 😍🌿🌴 picking up a little something green to finish off our bathroom remodel (plus returning unneeded buys, thanks #40bagsin40days πŸ˜‚). #michaelsmakers #spottedatmichaels

That face when you realize it's spring. πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸŒ·πŸ’• #heasleypartyof7

And it's done!! (See last picture for mess.) πŸŽ‰ #40bagsin40days #40bags40days #whbs40in40 #whbsplayroom #whbsgrayhouse

Gulp. Sometimes it gets worse before it gets better. But it will get better!! πŸ’•πŸ™ŒπŸΌ #40bags40days #reallife #decluttering

Day 10 #40bagsin40days , what are you working on today? This hall closet was stuffed, now it's half empty! 4 partial bags of recycling, garbage, and donations. These cheap clear bins with washi tape + sharpie labels are my favorite! #40bags40days #40bagsin40days2017 #whbs40in40 #whbsgrayhouse

My view today. πŸ’• Little piggies, a kid on the table asking me to butter her crackers (lol what?), and the sun pouring in while I write emails for the daily #40bagsin40days course. Not pictured: my second cup of coffee. β˜•οΈ

Wise words from my girl @parscaeli. You've got a full day in front of you! Whether it's today's bag for #40bags40days or tackling this day head on.. I think you should just go for it. πŸ˜˜πŸŽ‰

DAY 5 of #40bags40days , recovering from the weekend and doing a bit of cleanup before I work on the day's bag. I can't be the only one whose house gets neglected on the weekends! πŸ™ˆWhat are you up to today? #whbs40in40 #40bags40days #decluttering

DAY 2 of #40bagsin40days , what are you doing today? πŸ“¦ I worked on 2 of the 5 drawers in our command center dresser. 😳Lots of misplaced items, but not much in the way of bags. Thursday is our crazy day with activities, so I'll finish the other three tomorrow. Start small and take small cleaning bites!! Join in, it isn't too late to start! More details and free planner in the link in my profile. --> @whitehouseblackshutters

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