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White Hat Cigars  Official page of White Hat Cigars, proud distributor of HR and Soneros cigars. #hrcigars #whitehatcigars #soneroscigars

If you consider that Macs are traditionally less prone to viruses, the whole “an apple a day” maxim still sorta works. Ain’t that right, @boveda_rob? #boveda #whitehatcigars

Nice shot, @mr_iloka –appreciate the love, brother. On the real though: you gettin’ a Jura? That’s next level espresso right there. #cigarsandcoffee

Dude’s IG is @sticks_n_kicks. He’s not playin’ around, either: his page delivers what the name promises. True story. Thanks for the 📸, brother! #hrcigars #whitehatcigars

Don’t know if we’ve mentioned this before, but fun fact: HR is a part of a well-balanced breakfast. #themoreyouknow #hrcigars #whitehatcigars

Alright chaps, this is what we train for. That’s right - it’s #tacotuesday. Go forth, pop an antacid, and ravage the local taco stand 🌮🌮🌮

Like your style, @sc0tchsc0tchsc0tch. Blue² all day! #hrcigars #johnnywalker #whitehatcigars

A little #tbt action this morning. Early AM meeting with Andrew Wood last year, getting briefed on all those fun and exciting FDA-festivities coming down the pipeline. 📸 by our @cigarmechanic, who worked the booth with us last year 👊 #ipcpr #whitehatcigars

“It has been my experience that folks who have no vices have very few virtues.” - Abe Lincoln. Just as true today as it was then 😉 #hrcigars (📸 @alehousecigar)

Bromethius, AKA @alex_cigar_dandy, stopped by the Robaina farm during his visit to Cuba. Much love, brother 👊. Make sure you pay us a visit next time you’re stateside! #hrcigars #whitehatcigars #vivarobaina

Showing a little love to our brothers at @mombachocigars. This tiny little size is the bee’s knees👌

The average person spends nine full days commuting to and from work each year. That’s a lot of time. Needless to say, if you haven’t discovered the pleasures of smoking in your car, we suggest taking a page out of @scottsinclair86’s playbook and take it up. #lifetipsfromwhitehat #whitehatcigars

🐐pairing. Shoutout to @humoytabaco - we hope the smoke treated you well, brother 👌#hrcigars #whitehatcigars

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