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Happy Father's Day to our #1 father/fan who has driven up to 16 hours several times when our tours have not taken us to his home state of Louisiana - @seayfood . Andy even came to stay with us in LA during the Gnight Of The Living Shred a few years back where he took these pics. Keep up the good work, my friend! Who could ask for a cooler dad than you? We love you, buddy!

This shit is going viral because it's important. You are you're own person - don't let Jake and Mary push you around.

Our bass player, the one and only @UnkleFunkle, has pierced nipples and a soul-piercing singing voice that will bring you to your knees. Tune into his live Karaoke show - Unkle Funkle's Gnaraoke Gnight tonight and every Monday at 7PM to see what we mean. #mcm #squad #goals #monday #inspiration #karaoke #singer #piercednipples

Watch our live cooking show #GettinFatWithSkinnyJesus today starting at 4:20PM pacific standard time on the #GnarTapesGnetwork and buy our new shirt! Do both at GnarTapes.com/GTG (link in bio!)

THURSDAY, 20 JULY - Charleroi, BE - Rockerill
FRIDAY, 21 JULY - Rotterdam, NL - MIR
SATURDAY, 22 JULY - Bruge, BE - Rock Zerkegem Fest
SUNDAY, 23 JULY - Brighton, UK - Stiky Mike's
MONDAY, 24 JULY - Bristol, UK - Crofters Rights
TUESDAY, 25 JULY - Stafford, UK - Redrum
WEDNESDAY, 26 JULY - Glasgow, UK - Bloc
THURSDAY, 27 JULY - Sheffield, UK - Delicious Clam
FRIDAY, 28 JULY - London, UK - Shacklewell Arms
SATURDAY, 29 JULY - London, UK - Shacklewell Arms
SUNDAY, 30 JULY - London, UK - Shacklewell Arms
MONDAY, 31 JULY - Paris, FR - Espace B
TUESDAY, 1 AUGUST - Koln, DE - Sonic Ballroom
WEDNESDAY, 2 AUGUST - Frankfurt, DE - Yachtklub
THURSDAY, 3 AUGUST - Zurich, CH - Gonzo Club
FRIDAY, 4 AUGUST - Kreuzlingen, CH - Horst Klub
SATURDAY, 5 AUGUST - Halle, DE - Huhnermanhattan
SUNDAY, 6 AUGUST - Berlin, DE - 8mm (DJ SET)
MONDAY, 7 AUGUST - Berlin, DE - Urban Spree
TUESDAY, 8 AUGUST - Copenhagen, DN - KB18
WEDNESDAY, 9 AUGUST Stockholm, SWE - Landet
THURSDAY, 10 AUGUST Gothenburg, SWE - Axels (Jonk.se)
FRIDAY, 11 AUGUST Malmo, SWE - Plan B
SATURDAY, 12 AUGUST Hamburg, DE - Molotov

WE ARE COMING BACK TO EUROPE! Watch President Donald J. Trump struggle with PR in our brand new announcement video! Link to full vid in bio! Tag a freak! Tag a European! WhiteFangSucks.com for dates!

Watch our weekly LIVE late night talk show #GnarTapesGnightLive tonight from 9PM to Midnight on the #GnarTapesGnetwork - the live streaming media internet channel brought to you by @GnarTapes - the label we run as our day jobs! Hit that link in the bio at 9PM! Also gather all the change around your house, take it all to 711, and put it on a card so you can request songs tonight. GnarTapes.com/GTG (link in bio!)

Do you like karaoke? That's great because we broadcast a weekly karaoke show hosted by our very own @UnkleFunkle every Monday night LIVE starting at 7PM Pacific Standard Time on the #GnarTapesGnetwork - our very own live-steaming media web channel! Watch tonight and every Monday at GnarTapes.com/GTG - link in bio!

@unklefunkle is Gettin' Fat. Are you? Gettin' Fat With Skinny Jesus goes live today and every Sunday at 4:20 pm pst on #GnarTapesGnetwork with your host @totallyyou (if you don't know we run a label called @gnartapes that has a live streaming network that does 6 or more shows a week and Sundays is our cooking show #gettinfatwithskinnyjesus . We have lots of crazy fun on the Gnetwork and if you haven't tuned in yet you gotta give it a try)

From the other night in San Francisco after we spanked ass onstage

We like to party and so do we! Watch our weekly late night talk show (like a public access show but tighter) #GnarTapesGnightLive tonight starting at 9PM (PST) - we will do a dab but before we blow out the smoke we will take a shot of tequila, then shotgun a beer. It's all part of the #GnarTapesGnetwork - our incredible impressive live-streaming media subsidiary of our independently run record label @GnarTapes - go to GnarTapes.com/GTG to watch! Link in bio!

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