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G Foster  Whiteclayofwhitstable aka Swagmantramp aka theDecALLEYcaT #Ceramicist, #cook and #beatmaker

These are bowls, or stylish hats for a space age electro band. The choice is yours

@samphire_whitstable juggin ur way

Slip slop 3 the gang is complete

Slip slop the 2nd

Introducing my magical formula for slip mixing, just 'bang it in'

Bowls in action. Superb dish of poached lobster, new potatoes, tomato and hollandaise

Turns out my bowls are far more stylish than I am, thank you @sportsmankent for making them cool

Out with the fam, even ur crockery deserves that fresh air and summertime feel

Honey pot, although I don't think my honey could fit in there it's way too small

Podgy is so in right now, embrace the belly

With the world cup coming up I thought I'd get in the mood, with my own cup

Taking time out of my busy schedule to dress up like a cat, these things r important

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