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Elizabeth Spiridakis Olson  sr director brand creative / kate spade style / design / decor / momlyfe 📧: spiridakis@gmail.com

#fbf to last Sunday where my bangs were perfect in @xtinem’s elevator ✌🏼#LadiesTea

just diving into a CBD oat milk latte, guys. hashtag 2018 😎🤟🏼

🎄TREE DAY 🎄TREE DAY🎄 TREE DAY (i am just accepting all my terrible photos with my kid. meanwhile my husband and my son are photogenic dreamboats 🤷🏻‍♀️)

the pile behind me was an accumulation of closet cleanout, unpacking from the past month, laundry clean and dirty, and god knows what else. (it’s gone now 🤟🏼) I got a lot of requests for me to sell stuff on instagram and i would in a hot second but my honest answer is WHO HAS THE TIME? the shipping sounds like a nightmare from hell. am i wrong? is there a painless way to do this that i don’t know? i welcome advice! aaaaanyways. i have had this velvet and metallic thready cropped bomber since college because it really had ALWAYS sparked joy. i will stan thruft shopping forever (even though i have less and less time/patience for the hunt). happy friday 👏🏼

fully crossed over into adulthood as i am now someone who has things like glitter reindeer and felt trees in a box in the basement labeled ‘XMAS’ in hastily written sharpie. i also love the hell out of a poinsettia (in a wooden train my mom used as decoration when i was growing up) THIS IS WHO I AM NOW!!! 🎄 🤟🏼✨

spontaneously switched Zephyr’s bed to the other side of the room the other night and it feels less baby, more boy all of a sudden? (before you @ me: that is a non-working “antique” 🤪 heater. we have central air, lil Z is A-ok!) starting to think about switching up a few more things in there to be more Big Boy and it feels sad and exciting all at once? hard for me to accept that he is almost three ✨🧒🏼🤗

Rest in Power @rookiemag ❤️ An inspiring beautiful fun funny inclusive smart cool cute genius epic community of amazing people, the brainchild of my dearest @tavitulle, and something i was honored and proud to be a part of ❤️ rookie made the world a better place ❤️🙌🏼✨

it’s a bag but it’s a cake but..it’s a bag??? hands down one of the most fun days of work ever and one of the most surreal concepts to watch come to fruition. we made this video for our Margaux satchel and you get to watch the talented hilarious and gorgeous @dianasilverss love it so much she eats it. FYI the cake was also indistinguishable from the real bag but was entirely edible (first pic is the real thing, the second and 3rd are the cake...OR ARE THEY?!). anyways, TOO FUN. (watch the clip at @katespadeny ) 🎂 📷 @michal_pudelka 👩🏻 @dianasilverss . lotta hard work and genius: @anastasia_strizhenova @treyonnadesha @katherinedileo @jessicahafford @jenford1 @ecyeats @susanitachachacha @kkrein @gatton_michelle @noemibonazzi

we waited outside fred62 until the doors opened at 7AM 🤪 it rained last night and it looks lush as hell here today 😎 i love LA 🙌🏼❤️

on our way to spend thanksgiving with Preston’s mom and siblings and their families 🙌🏼 all 6 of the cousins together, with Zephyr (almost 3) as the littlest and Alex (23!) the biggest. i love the holidays 🤗 and a few days in LA isn’t too shabs either 😎

i really and truly completely forgot it would snow today. and i sure as hell did not realize it would be a dang BLIZZARD. OOPSYDOOPS (i feel compelled to let you know that we got new closets installed this weekend and so that pile behind me is EVERYTHING FROM MY CLOSET and not like, a cry for help) ✌🏼ps @tuesdaybassen pleeeeease make this dress in like 10 more colors? pleeeeease?

santa fe flashbacks: would honestly do almost anything to climb back into this dream tub tonight ✨ this will be my favorite hotel forever

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