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trying to train him to do the weeding (but not to eat them)

90 degrees and sunny for the workweek but cold and grey on a Saturday 🙄😒taking solace in some snacks at the coffeshop that's walkable from our house (and where we see people we actually KNOW now !)

i'm glad i'm your mom ❤️🤓

I posted this in my stories but I like it so now it's here. I got these @elizsuzann pants a couple months ago but I think I just started to figure them out (croptops only) and now I think I'll wear them all the time. And as for this footwear: I told @dirtypreston a while ago that I think white crocs are cool and would be a good LQQK and he surprised me with them last night 😎👌🏼ps. i can't even hazard a guess at how long that giant suitcase from vacation will sit there ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

cannot even begin to think about unpacking so i'm just gonna think about all the stuff i DIDN'T buy instead (whyyyy did I leave that little hand dish behind 😭)

How gorgeous is this greenhouse ?! It sparkles. It's the "Palm House" and it's a balmy 900 degrees at 1 jillion percent humidity inside. You can climb a victorian looking narrow iron spiral staircase to the top (where it's hotter and more humid if possible!!) and walk a catwalk around the perimeter and then back down. gorgeous if not sweaty as hell 😅🌴🌿🌴🍃🌴

day 8: after a final delicious danish breakfast spread at our hotel we checked out and left our luggage locked up so we could squeeze out a few more hours in the city before the airport. we checked out @henrikvibskov and a few other stores then walked up curved ramp of Rundtaarn all the way to the top (this photo is the view about halfway up). Amazing view at the top, and a great gallery space part of the way up as well. After that we walked around the botanical gardens, had vietnamese food in torvellharne and then got our stuff and headed to the airport. unexpectedly superfun last day 🤓

day 5: we took the train to Malmö, Sweden to wander and visit a Swedish bathhouse (at the end of this long long windy dock). The trains were kind of confusing, and it was the worst weather day we had all week so although Malmö was cute, it was cold and we were a little blah feeling so we didn't properly explore or enjoy. But I really loved the bathhouse. men and women are segregated and you just get naked and sit in a sauna with a huge picture window of the open water. when i got too hot i walked out onto the dock and climbed down a ladder into the freezing water. then i went back to the sauna and did it all over again. it's kind of addictive?! certainly enjoyable for an hour or so and a cheap way to pass an afternoon- for entrance fee, towel rental and lock purchase for a locker it was about 20 dollars total for 2 people. 🇸🇪 🌊🍑

this week we celebrated 6 years together (that include 3 cross-country moves, buying a house, having a baby, surviving the first year of a baby, and only a FEW fights 😉). it hasn't always been easy but it's almost always been fun. we had an epic week and we are both way too excited to get back to Zephyr (and Oskie). love you so, P. ❤️

last full day in 🇩🇰 !!! excited to hug Zephyr and sleep in our bed but this has been a dream vacation for me. I love Other Cities. Coffee shops, flea markets, museums, bars. Walking and biking and street food and trying to figure out public transportation. It delights me. This is a beautiful happy place. I have a jillion more photos to post. But right now I gotta eat this smørrebrød. Love you, Kobenhavn ✌🏼❤️🇩🇰

found a flea market and we weren't even looking for it !😎I officially have a real thirst for vintage Royal Copenhagen (very expensive obsession). will show what I got today in my stories 👍🏼

day 5: (i'm posting out of order ¯\_(ツ)_/¯) we took the train to Malmö, Sweden which wasn't as smooth as we thought it would be and the weather was icky and although we had fun (more on that in another post), the best part of the day was when we got home and walked over to Tivoli Gardens. I knew it was an amusement park in the middle of the city, and that supposedly Walt Disney came here and was like WAIT we need this in the US. But omg. I wasn't prepared for it to be so...enchanting. charming. magical. everything is cute. EVERYTHING. the colors are great, the design is great. the gardens and buildings and rides ARE GREAT. I am way too scared to go on the scary scary stuff but we rode a bunch of things and had ice creams and beers and had an EXCELLENT evening. And as with everythinggggg here, it was full of Danes of all ages all having a great time and just like...enjoying life. This city is maybe my favorite city?

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