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pauline  18, ||-// few proud emotional

• i’ll bomb down on ‘em • #cliqueart

dema don’t control us- #cliqueart 🌼🌼🌼 SWIPE LEFT to see some closeups
i struggled doing this one way more than the last one but i’m happy with how it turned out! hope you like it too :)

-somewhere in italy in the mid eighties- {i made this for one of my best friends🌼}

:welcome to trench:
#cliqueart 🌼SWIPE LEFT to see the whole thing!🌼 16/16 this took me a lot of time and concentration but it was so fun to do and sharing it makes me kind of anxious,, anyway hope you’ll like it!!

part 7/16!🌼 #cliqueart
it took me a loooot of time doing josh and the DRUMS but i enjoyed it (my back didn’t lol)
now i have the background left to do but it will be easier i think :) i’ll post a video to show you all the different layers when it’ll be done
anyway, hope you like how it turned out!

part 1/15 of my new #cliqueart
i spent the day yesterday making this little book and drawing @tylerrjoseph
i can’t wait for it to be done !

I’ll be right there
If you need anyone
@tylerrjoseph @joshuadun
{i really struggled painting this but i’m happy with how it turned out. hope you like it too}

here is the video! you can see the different pages i used to make this #cliqueart and how they all make one drawing at the end :) anyway, hope you like it!
@tylerrjoseph @joshuadun @clique_art @clique.creations

/dema don’t control us\
@tylerrjoseph {i made this on different pages, i’ll post the video of the whole thing soon on a new post!}

tiny sketch of @aliencreature🌿

hey yesterday was my birthday and my talented friend @sleepersart_ did these for me.
i am amazed by these amazingly cute little paintings which have such an important meaning for us.
anyway, i hope y’all have a delphine in your life 💛 and btw you should really check out her art because it’s soooooooo awesome

not everyone will get out - #cliqueart {one line drawing} @tylerrjoseph

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