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Barenjager Liqueur.  A type of German Bärenfang (literally ‘bear trap’) honey liqueur, Bärenjäger (‘bear hunter’) is a delicious vodka-based liqueur that can be enjoyed straight over ice, added to tea or a hot toddy, or even poured straight on vanilla ice cream. This honey liqueur has a recipe dating back to an 18th Century Germany but we still have huge demand for this forgotten gem. Some things never get old!
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An old and rare bottling of 1963 Glenugie released as part of Gordon & MacPhail's Connoisseurs Choice series. This was bottled at 16 years of age. Glenugie is a Highland distillery which closed in the 1980s, whose prime purpose was to make liquid that would go into the globally recognised Chivas blended whisky. The distillery was renowned for its tropical-fruit-heavy style, and every now and then, Glenugie would cut off a small portion of its distillate and send it to independent bottlers like Gordon & McPhail who would welcome this liquid with open arms and bottle it under their own labels. Sadly in the 1980s, the distillery was shut down by its then-owner, Chivas. This bottle is valuable not only for its rarity but because the Glenugie fruit-bomb style will have developed into something extraordinary with decades of ageing. #oldandrare #whisky #gordonmcphail #highlandwhisky
If you are keen to learn more about Old & Rare whisky, we still have tickets available to the @whiskyshow Old & Rare tasting later this month. If you are interested to learn more, send us a direct message and we’d be happy to tell you more!

This week’s staff favourite: Starward Malt Whisky. Starward Malt Whisky is made at the New World Whisky Distillery in Victoria, Australia. Made using Australian malted barley and aged in Australian apera (fortified wine) casks. Rich and sweet, with a spicy finish. Our very own @meatrobot gave the following tasting note: While the spiciness on the palate suggests that this whisky is youthful, it has definitely picked up a lot of flavour in its time in wood and combines freshness with complexity. There's a marked contrast between nose, palate and finish, but each element works well. I'm a fan. #whiskyexchange #whisky #starward #australianwhisky

Rosebank 21 Year Old Innocence. This new arrival sold out before we even had a chance to talk about it, but we are so fond of the label, liquid and story that we just want to share. 'Innocence' is the second bottle in the Rosebank Roses series – an intensely aromatic and utterly enchanting single malt with notes of honeysuckle, cream, pear and rose petals, bottled from a small number of casks, some of the last from this closed distillery. The Rosebank Roses series has been created by @ElixirDistiller which previously operated under the name Speciality Drinks Ltd. For the customers lucky enough to have secured one, this will be a fine Valentine’s Day treat…

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The 1824 Collection is a range of Macallans released for the travel retail market. The Select Oak edition is a complex combination of first-fill European oak casks seasoned with oloroso sherry, and American oak casks seasoned with either oloroso sherry or bourbon. #whisky #whiskyexchange #macallan #macallanmonday #speyside #selectoak

New arrival: Glenmorangie Spios. The name Spios, which is Scots Gaelic for 'spice', beautifully evokes this whisky's origins: it has been matured solely in casks that previously held American rye whiskey, a spirit known for its distinctive, spicy characteristics. Spios has a herbal nose and a rich, spicy palate, followed by a long, sweet finish.Glenmorangie Spios is the ninth limited edition bottling in the distillery's Private Edition series, and the first single malt to have ever been entirely matured in American rye whiskey casks. #whisky #whiskyexchange #glenmorangie #bourbon #spios #glenmorangiespios

A 7 year old whisky from Livet valley resident Glenfarclas, bottled sometime back in the 1970s. This was, as the labelling suggest, for the Italian market who loved (and still do) young scotch whisky. We aquired this from a private customer and its now available on our site. #glenfarclas #whisky #Speyside #oldandrare #rarewhisky #thewhiskyexchange

New Arrival:  Kilchoman 2007 Single Sherry Cask TWE Exclusive. This is the third exclusive bottling for us and takes Kilchoman's clean, citrus-led spirit and adds a rich layer of spice and dried fruit. Distilled in 2007, just two years after the distillery opened on Islay, the whisky was aged for 10 years, making it one of the oldest Kilchomans around. A beautiful cask-strength whisky from a distillery that just gets better and better. #thewhiskyexchange #kilchoman #whisky #islaywhisky #whisky

Benromach 15. A customer favorite with a perfect 5 star rating on our website. This Speyside single malt is aged in a combination of bourbon and sherry casks. Luscious and rich with notes of fruit cake, plums and cocoa. Delicious stuff and a great label. #thewhiskyexchange #benromach #whisky #speyside

Giveaway time! To help our one lucky customer for Valentine’s Day next week, we are giving away a free bottle of engraved Champagne @laurentperrieruk Rosé. Here’s how it works:

1. Channel your inner romantic

2. Tell us in the comments who (don’t tag them!) you’d want to give a bottle to and why

3. We’ll pick our favourite entry to win a bottle of Champagne courtesy of @laurentperrieruk

The more creative the reasons / comments, the better!

Competition closes at 11:59 GMT Tuesday 6 February 2018.

Entries close at 11:59 GMT Tuesday 6 February 2018. Entrants must be legally able to purchase alcohol in their country of residence. Bottle can only be delivered to countries The Whisky Exchange ship to. Winner will be notified on Wednesday 7 February 2018. Full Whisky Exchange T&Cs available on our website.

Our Perfect Measure 3cl samples. Great for discovering new distilleries.
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The boardroom at our head office. #whiskyshelfwednesday #whiskyshelf #whisky #whiskyexchange

Of the 500 gins we currently have on the website, this Tarquin’s Sea Dog Navy Strength Gin is one that we are particularly interested in right now. Produced at the Southwestern Distillery in Cornwall, this is made with botanicals from around the world, including hand-picked Devon violets. Excellent in a Martini. #gin #craftgin #whiskyexchange #englishgin #handcrafted #handcraftedspirits

Grabiel Boudier Crème De Cassis De Dijon. This bottle is made by macerating hand selected blackcurrants in spirit at 30% ABV. This infusion is very concentrated and highly acidic, which is then balanced out by adding sugar to produce this crème. For the many former bartenders and cocktail enthusiast that work at The Whisky Exchange, this is an absolute must for their cocktail cabinet. #whisky #cocktails #cassis #dijon #cremedecasis #kirroyal

​They are here. They Karuizawa Emerald Geishas, bottled by Elixir Distilleries exclusively for The Whisky Exchange. Karuizawa's whiskies are legendary. Not only are they of sublime quality, but the distillery's closure almost 20 years ago means that they are rarer than emeralds. These exclusive single-cask bottlings augment the Karuizawa character in distinct ways: one adding sweet notes of raisin, mint and plum; the other layering vanilla and spiced butter around the Karuizawa core. #thewhiskyexchange #whisky #japanesewhisky #rarewhisky

Keep an eye on our website tomorrow. New products arriving…

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New products coming to the site this Friday. Eyes peeled... #whisky #whiskyexchange

Great photo and review from @casktodrams of our exclusive Edradour bottling. #thewhiskyexchange ・・・
New Review on the Blog: Edradour 10 Year Sherry Butt - TWE Exclusive (@whiskyexchange)

One of my favorite things about Edradour's expressions is variety of maturations and finishes, some of which are unique (marsala, barolo, and chardonnay to name a few). This particular expression is matured in Oloroso Sherry butts for 10 years, hand selected by The Whisky Exchange in London, England, and bottled at cask strength.

🥃Tasting Notes

Nose: Punchy caramel and marzipan layered in milk chocolate. Followed by sherry, raisins, currants, and a hint of espresso. Lingering with hickory and applewood. Adding water brings out notes of chocolate covered almonds (21/25)

Palate: Without water, very spicy and alcohol burn. Licorice and cocoa powder. Sherry notes are prevalent after a moment once you get past the punchy alcohols. Adding a few drops of water really opens up this beauty. The cocoa and mocha notes come through, followed by sweet cinnamon danish. (21/25)

Finish: Dark chocolate ganache, a hint of raspberry, mocha with a touch of espresso. Water strengthens the notes of dark chocolate ganache and raspberry truffle and brings out a rich dark porter. Sweet cinnamon danish notes linger for awhile. A hint of char is barely noticeable. (22/25)

Overall: As a big fan of Edradour's many different finishes, this one definitely holds it own. At 58.5% it definitely needs water to open up. Starting off as a sherry monster the whisky quickly blossoms into a complex mix of dark chocolate, fruit, and cinnamon that is strikingly balanced. (21/25)


Full review up on the site! Link in the bio. www.casktodrams.com

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Two of Elixir Distiller’s Single Malts Of Scotland bottles…. On the left:, Tamavulin 40 Year Old which is produced from two bourbon barrels of Tamnavulin single malt, aged for more than 40 years. Complex aromas of honeysuckle, orchard fruits and gingerbread biscuits are followed by rich flavours of nuts, vanilla ice cream and poached pears.

On the right: Glengoyne 40 Year Old. A bottle filled from a single sherry cask, this is an limited-edition bottling of Glengoyne 40 Year Old. A rich dram that shows its sherry influences through exotic notes of spice and a cornucopia of fruits.

#whiskyexchange #ScotchWhisky #singlemalt #elixirdistillers #whisky #tamavulin #glengoyne

Introducing Rutte Old Simon Genever. The ancestor of modern gin, Genever is produced in Belgium and the Netherlands, where it is still extremely popular. This #forgottengem is named after the producer's founder, Simon Rutte. Made to his 19th-century recipe, this genever counts classic botanicals such as juniper, coriander and angelica root, as well as more unusual ones such as walnut, hazelnut, mace and celery. #whiskyexchange #genever #gin #jenever #botanicals

Whisky Shelf Wednesday from our showroom at head office. #thewhiskyexchange #whisky #whiskyshelf

A local favourite made just down the road from our Head Office: Kew Orangery Organic Triple Sec. Produced by The London Distillery Company in conjunction with the Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew, whose iconic building gives this release its name. This is a blend of three varieties of orange which are blended together, lightly sweetened. Aged for a short time in American oak, this works especially well chilled as an aperitif. #whiskyexchange #whisky #gin #kewgardens #triplesec #keworangery #organicspirits

Macallan 10 - a customer favourite with a consistent 5 star rating on our website. The whisky is Matured exclusively in oak sherry casks from Spain to deliver a deep, rich, deliciously smooth and well-rounded flavour with a slight sweetness and touch of sherry and wood. Its deep colour is achieved wholly naturally without the addition of any colouring. #MacallanMonday #whisky #macallan #thewhiskyexchange #whisky

Balvenie Doublewood. A staff pick that we always recommend. This dram has extra complexity and richness are a result of a second maturation in fresh sherry casks. Great stuff. #whisky #balvenie #doublewood #whiskyexchange

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