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YERRRRR!!! HNY MOFOS! #glamaclavah

SCALDY PORTER!!! So it was in the beginning so it shall be in the end of the absolute scaldiest year of our lives so far. We’ve really had an absolute ball this year. It’s only been 12 months for Alan and Myself doing Whiplash full-time and my god have we made some juicy bangers and dangerous pals along the way.
It may be hard to fathom but our first ever release was this, Scaldy Porter – a robust chewy malt driven pint fuel sup back in 2016. Scaldy has been a homebrew favourite of ours that we took to the big brewhouse on our first outing and we’ve always been in love with this beer, not least because it’s the only been we’ve also bottled - so far. We thought it fitting to return it as a final beer to finish out what’s been an amazing year for us here.
Scaldy Porter is all about malt complexity - throwing the kitchen sink of our malt arsenal at this beer is fun. Built on a grist of Floor Malted English Pale we lash on Dark Munich, Brown Malt, Aromatic, Beech Smoked Malt, Chocolate and then two additions of Columbus at the back and the front to help along all those intense malt aromas. As with most of our dark beers this one’s fermented on our favourite WLP007 and then left alone. 100% naturally carbonated in tank (spund) helps form delicate soft tiny bubbles and complement the silky, near viscous body of this creamy chocolaty sauce.
There’s buckets of toast, caramel, cocoa, and even a hint of that rasher smoky kiss in there playing with a light hoppiness that brings them together both on the nose and delivering in the body too with a long enjoyable finish.
Scaldy Porter is available in cans this year for the first time as well as having a limited draught outing around Ireland and the UK.
Thanks for a great year to everyone who’s supported us from myself and Alan. Have a happy break between now and the new year and we’ll be ramping it up again in 2019. See you all then.
5.5% ABV
440ml Cans
Limited Draught
Artwork by @sophie_devere
Photo by @green_leaf_photos

SETTING SUN!!! Smallest day of the year be coming. Longest night too. Does be more craic these days when you can rock into a bar at 4pm and let on like it’s nighttime and get a good long run at the sesh.
Anyways, we made another beer.
Our last big hoppy belter of the year is Setting Sun. We picked a couple of hops we’ve been having the most fun working with all year and made an auld brewer’s cut of hoppy soup. A grand cru of ‘joose’ if you will.
Usual grist players with the addition of Carapils this time that helps flesh out more body and support some of the top notes on the brighter additions here – this DIPA is all about the hops.
We just threw a touch of Vic Secret in the whirlpool at the last minute on this one before heading to the fermenter to rock away with our hoppy dance partner Vermont Ale yeast for the week before getting a double dose of Oregon grown El Dorado and Washington grown Citra and BRU-1 respectively.
This one’s pretty intense pineapples, watermelons, mangoes and pine on the nose and not much different on the flavour. It’s complimented by that soft fluffy light malt sweetness rubbing with intense and sweet hop oil finishing in light restrained bitterness and buckets of tropical fruit.
Thanks for a great year of hop bombs. There’s more to come next year, with a few announcements on the road too… stay tuned.
8.0% ABV
440ml Cans
Limited Draught
Artwork by @sophie_devere
Photo by @green_leaf_photos

When Whiplash and @garagebeerco come around and break yer fancy Braukon lauter, there’s only one things to do: get your beer, a deckchair and wait that joose out. God love @whitefrontier , this is only the 2nd of 3 beers

Thanks for a great weekend @darkcityleeds

SLOW LIFE!!! They said it couldn’t be done. Then they said it shouldn’t be done. Then they said what the fuck have you done man I told you not to do that when you were threatening to do this stupid shite would you fucking stop messing you’re old enough to be young adults.
Introducing Slow Life, our straight up, no messing, no adjunct session NITRO STOUT!!!
Old Man Winter is well and truly upon us like a shithead following us around the brewery so we’ve taken it upon ourselves to make something we’d always wanted to drink when we’re on the sesh in the cold season. A proper Nitro Stout. Slow Life is all about malt, nuance and balance – taking a simple grist of Floor Malted Pale Malt, Brown Malt, Aromatic and Chocolate with a dash of Columbus in the boil. Fermented on WLP007 and then left the fuck alone. We take pride in this lad being a beautiful mug of absolute pint fuel and while she’s easy drinking you get a beautiful complexity of roasty, bready coffee and soft malt sweetness with an un-apologetic bitterness to balance out the whole affair and leave you waiting for your next gulp of soft creamy chocolaty goodness.
We’d like to also announce a MAJOR TECHNOLOGICAL BREAKTHROUGH which has alluded the biggest of industrial corporate breweries for years which we’re aware will send shockwaves though the beer industry.
That’s right. You read that correctly. No two parts. No messing. Pour that pint and wait for it to settle all nestled in your gammy hand after you’ve forked over your change and think about what you’ve done.
There you have it. We’re proudly launching today pouring at Dark City with our best pals Northern Monk here in Leeds so come on over and get yours. Also Slow Life is already hitting the best of bars in Ireland this weekend too so pop down to get your scoops in tonight!!! Slow Life.
Whiplash. We don’t make you fucking wait.

ABV 4.5%

Draught Only

Artwork By @sophie_devere

Over the past two days we’ve had the amazing pleasure and honor of brewing up some beers with our best buds @fuerstwiacekbrew here in Berlin. The level of expertise, incredible technology and just sound out lovely people has us upset to have to leave. Look out for our banging collab coming down the line soon and these pups anywhere you see their beer on your travels.

Whopper first day at @allinbeerfest
Pop down to us tomorrow for more shit beer.

Brew number 2 this year with our best buds @beerbliotek today, and we have the joy of unveiling our brand new Whiplash merch with the gents of @lefthandedgiantbrewing too!
This one’s a big malty bomb headed to barrels as well. Super excited for the beer and hitting All In Beerfest tonight as well so pop over to us and enjoy some of our new brews too!

Earlier this year saw the return of Drone Logic, our all Simcoe hazy DIPA. We long for Simcoe bangers on the regular and decided to make an all Simcoe American Pale Ale just for this month.
So here it is, but what the fuck? There’s no oats, no wheat, just Pale and Carapils. This even drops a bit bright.
Floor Malted English Pale Maris Otter, Carapils, Vermont Yeast – 100% whirlpool hopped, low IBU’s, double dry hopped at 20g/L.
Straight up Simcoe sessioning? Yep.
All the resin, zest, spruce, pineapples and dank that Simcoe delivers.
All wrapped up in a neat little package.
This be landing over Europe between this weekend and next so keep yer eyes peeled.
5.5% ABV
440ml Cans
Limited Draught
Artwork by @sophie_devere
Photo by @green_leaf_photos

We’re ploughing ahead with our hop obsession this month focusing on a marriage made in heaven – Citra & Lemondrop.
Cream on Chrome takes our usual grist of Maris Otter, Wheat and Oat Malt with a light water profile to ramp the juice up on another repeated assault of Citra in the whirlpool on its own.
Fermented on Vermont Ale Yeast then double dry hopped with rounds of Lemondrop then Citra again to build to 25g/L of a hazy juicy banger.
This one has all the mango and lychee of your Citra wet dreams then ramped up to 11 with the zest and sherbet notes of Lemondrop to boot. What comes out the other end is a DIPA super split with low bitterness and beautifully soft carbonation.
Cream on Chrome drops this week in selected accounts in Ireland with more to follow for our friends in the rest of Europe next week. Very limited amounts of draught available in selected accounts.
ABV 8.0%
440ml Can
Selected Draught Accounts
Artwork by @sophie_devere
Photos by @green_leaf_photos

It’s back! We couldn’t believe it’s been just over a year since we first brewed High Cotton with our friends at Max Lagers brewpub from Atlanta so we just said fuck it let’s make it again. For those not initiated, High Cotton is a Belgian Single/Pale Ale cooked up with Continental Pilsner, Raw Wheat and Oats brewed with super super soft water and peppered in the whirlpool with both Ekuanot and fresh Grapefruit Zest. It’s then fermented on WLP550 for a beautifully intense phenolic and peppery nose then dry hopped and zested with Ekuanot and grapefruit respectively. What you get is a complimenting oily, candy, pepper and citrus intertwined with all of that refreshing Belgian-y goodness that drinks soft as clouds and cotton. This has been by far one of our favourites over the years and we’re delighted to be pouring this at #imbc18 today here in Manchester today as well.
Cans hit shops this weekend, drink them fresh.
ABV 5.6%
440ml Can
Selected Draught Accounts
Artwork by @sophiedevere
Photos by @green_leaf_photos

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