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I've been sharing late night drawings every night on IG stories this past week, usually around 2am in the morning 😳(the "insomnia" series). Don't know how long I can keep this up, but this is the most consistent I've drawn since art school. Learning how to draw again has been humbling, but fun, and I'm finally ready to make it a regular part of my life again. #creativelife #artdaily #littlestoriesofmylife

Monday morning. Starting off the week with red currant streusel bars. Enjoying a quiet house again. #morningslikethese

Sunday morning with tea and pastries. It's a bit chillier out there today, but the sun is bright.
P.S. A reminder that Mark will be at the new Bed Bath & Beyond in Sunset Park Brooklyn today at 2pm doing a cooking demo. 🍪🍴#morningscenes #onmytable

Winter break staycation done. It would have been nice to travel, but the weather was nice and we did hit a few museums. Finishing off our weekend with a drive up north.
P.S. A new blog post up - a longer storytelling version of my immigration story. Head over to www.sweetfineday.com for the post. #darlingweekend

Speaking of plants, some windowsill garden goals right here. Happy weekend everyone! #plantsmakepeoplehappy #cactusgram

Reflecting today on what a difference a year makes. Last year at this time I was working a full time job in tech while struggling to juggle our bakery business and freelance design clients. Basically working around the clock. Our startup failed to get a second round of funding so the company dissolved and I sought to find a better work-life balance. I also wanted time for personal projects. This photo was taken last winter in California while on a tech conference trip right before I was finally able put a difficult personal ordeal behind me. The last few years have been beyond difficult. I'm trying to pick up the pieces, still. But I have high hopes for this year. Working hard to rebrand and rethink our business in preparation for our tenth birthday next year (previewed our new logo mark on IG stories the other day). It's been a painfully slow process as we try to fit the work in with whatever life throws at us, but we're excited to share some of that progress with you this year. Keep moving, keep looking forward. Where were you last year? #liveunscripted #creativelife #littlestoriesofmylife #liveauthentic #momentslikethese

I've managed to kill most of my airplants and some of my succulents this winter even though they thrived under the same conditions for years. Oh, plants, how fickle are you? 🌵#succulentlove #plantsofinstagram

Local NYC friends! Mark will be doing a cooking demo at the new Bed Bath & Beyond in Sunset Park (850 3rd Ave, brooklyn) this sunday, Feb 26 at 2pm. He'll demo how he cooks with herbs and will be making rosemary shortbread and ginger marshmallows. Stop by, learn, and sample! #nyceats #smallbiz

Is winter over? This photo was taken just a few weeks ago when we had dustings of snow. We're seeing some record breaking temps in February. It's supposed to be 60s again the next few days. #theprettycities

Going to crack open the sketchbook today. It's been months since I've drawn anything. Life gets in the way of some of the best intentioned plans, but hoping to get back to it. I've also recently replaced one of my two daily cups of coffee with green tea. Feeling pretty good about that. 😊#morningscenes #tealover #onmytable #creativelife

As we head into the last week of February, thinking ahead to March which always feels transitional: the month before we really feel the warmth of Spring, the month before outdoor market season begins, a month without any gift giving holidays. Always a slow month, so prepping to keep ourselves busy with projects. #documentlife

The last of the lemon meringue pie last night. One of our favorite pies, I think. The tartness of the lemons perfectly balanced with the sweetness of meringue. #dessertfirst