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"Queen" Yvette???  ♔ Beginner Cosplayer ♔ Maryland ♔ She/Her ♔ Next con: Katsu2018! ♔

so I haven’t been able to cosplay because I’ve been sick so here’s a picture of my dog looking ridiculously proud of himself on a huge ass tree stump.

At the Ocean City Boardwalk with my cousin❤️❤️❤️❤️

I haven’t gotten to cosplay at all in forever since I’ve been so busy and sick. I’m hoping to find time on Friday to hopefully costest Nozomi since I have almost completed her Birthstone Set Outfit. I need to make a few more adjustments around the chest on her dress and wash, cut and style her wig but I’m still super excited.
But currently it’s draped over one of my suitcases oops

Pretty sure I've posted this before but because I haven't posted since the beginning of AUGUST and most of it ISNT cosplay stuff... here's my Jaehee from #katsucon2017
I felt super happy as her so I think when I have time I'm going to improve her!
I'm having such Con depression due to the fact that I'm now actually STARTING a lot of my Katsucon plans.
I may get a hotel room for the weekend or at least a day, which would be cool.
HAS ANYONE ELSE STARTED V'S ROUTE? It finally updates for Apple and I moved so fast to update it- but now I have like 11 hourglasses oops
【If you know the 707, please tell me!】

The panel application has finally been received!
The reason I haven't posted the cast list is simply: I don't want to get everyone's hopes up. I'm scared that I'll release the list and everyone will get hyped and it won't be accepted!
If anyone does want me to release the list, I very willingly will, but that's my reason for not releasing it just yet.

It's the final day to audition for the Phantom Thieves Q&A panel! I will accept auditions through tomorrow and THAT IS IT! The panel cast will be released by either Tuesday or Wednesday night, depending on how busy I am. Thank you for all of your support!
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"Yvette" you all say, begging, "please post cosplay content."
"No." I say, lazily not getting into cosplay.
But seriously, I've just been lazy all summer. Next weekend I should have enough money to order some cosplay stuff but I don't know. By "stuff" I mean makeup because ahahahaha im out

I really need to download Cosplanner to my phone 😞😞 until then I'm putting them all freaking here because I spend a bunch of time on Ig.
The ones being finished by KATSUCON are:
- Yahaba Shigeru(Haikyuu, In his uniform)
- Yusuke Kitagawa(Persona 5, his Metaverse/Thief/Whatever outfit)
- Female Viktor Nikiforov(Yuri On Ice, it won't be the stay close to me outfit, she'll be in her coaching outfit lol)
- Viktor Nikiforov(Yuri on ice, I literally need a wig ;-;)
I'm really hoping to cosplay Nico by Katsu but idk I'll have to talk to a few of my friends. I think cosplaying her with other people would be super fun :)
I'm hoping to cosplay either Originator Kaito or Eraser Len by Otakon2018 but I'm really not positive if that'll happen, same with Bad End Night— which is something I tried to plan for Katsu2018 but... It got pushed under a rug. Oh well.
EDIT: I added on KAITO's Diamond Dust module since I've wanted to cosplay that since.... Forever? Aha. If you can't tell, KAITO is my favorite Vocaloid lol

that feeling when you're sick for like a week and can't concentrate very well even when you try and you need to order stuff for your new cosplay or read over panel auditions properly but your mind says no so you try playing games and even that doesn't work for more thank five minutes so you scream—

‼️Attention anyone interested in the Persona 5 panel‼️
I have decided to move the audition date closer. Auditions will now be ending one week earlier, aka JULY 24TH! This is due to the worries about being outright rejected for sending an Application in too late.
Currently, I have about 2 auditions already in and about 3 others– if I remember correctly– interested, which is actually more than I thought I would get lol.
People auditioning will no longer have to skype with me due to... well me being so busy I really can't 😞😞 However, I still need that contact information, Just In case. :)
If I do NOT receive any specific character auditions by the time auditions end, I will do a callout post for cosplayers of those characters and reopen auditions for those characters for about a week or so. I may be too ambitious but I do hope to get a completely full cast of ALL the Phantom Thieves— however, this idea is up to debate and may not happen.
Thank you to those supporting this and thank you to the people who are auditioning!!
Any sort of support is helpful, So Again: THANK YOU!
Let's hope the Phantom Thieves are able to steal some Hearts in February!
》Tags! #persona5 #persona #akirakurusu #kurusuakira #sakamotoryuji #ryujisakamoto #yusukekitagawa #kitagawayusuke #anntakamaki #takamakiann #niijimamakoto #makotoniijima #sakurafutaba #futabasakura #okumuraharu #haruokumura #akechigoro #goroakechi #katsucon2018 #panel #cosplay

SO IT WAS @megangts 'a birthday technically yesterday buT HA IM MAKING A POST HERE TOO!
She's my lovely Luna and we came SO CLOSE TO MEETING but I'm not allowed to go to Otakon this year :P We've been friends for... who knows how long now and I seriously love her like... Lunnnaaaaaaa.
She's old now tho. Whatcha gonna do..
So happy birthday dork. I did my sentimental post on my other account h A

Ahhhhh my uncle and I as Shiro and Pidge at #ama2017 !!! It's a bit blurry, he took it, but I actually liked how I looked as Pidge! Same with Henrietta! I felt so cute that weekend!
Also this is the only cosplay thing I can post until I get home lol I think some Pretty Setters aware about to be posted lol
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