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This year is looking cuckoo!
Our passions are collaborating, joining in on creating, something worth anticipating, uniting #FTR πŸ˜‰

The Stir! That's right, the first local Netflix-produced show complete with some Franco humour, inside info, and celebrity guests! Of which I'm the first!! πŸ˜„
Catch The Stir on the Netflix Youtube page (but only if youre prepared to know how i REALLY talk)
And join me in greeting @franco.mabanta a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
#stirero =P

I brush my teeth 3 times a day, kaya ang ngiti ko, kamukha na si.........pilyo.
That's a bilingual joke.
Cause I'm an intellectual.
Miss ko na si beshie! β™‘ anong kapilyahan kaya ang nasabi ko dito πŸ‘€

I'll be having way more airport waiting hours this 2017 =P
I predict spending the time making IG slideshows.
πŸ“·- @rachlibrado

*when you're doing a thumbs up and your pinky is out too*

As you can see, it takes a village to do my hair. Thanks @toniandguyph village people for not giving up 😁
Fresh cut and colour Γ— permanent sun guard 😜

Learning something new with Ms. Chooo =P

Okay. I think I'm ready.
............to have a dog.
Sleepy Bailey β™‘

Reading our script for #FULLTHROTTLEonFOXSPORTS yup!! FT in Boracay!!
πŸ“·- @rachlibrado

Point A to Point B
Kung malinis siguro sneakers ko, di na bagay =P

Stoked about the Koko Kollection. It contains the BEST red I own, a safe nude, and a useful gloss. (But really mainly cause the red is kick ass. My other reds look almost black on-cam) get it from @glamtrend.ph =)
Btw, shout out @thebagmaster, i spy the MikeKors in this photo =P

Thank you for always being a part of all the little things i wanna do β™‘ your ability to be so giving of yourselves inspires me everyday!
The chocolates for the ladies were such a sweet touch, @cyberhians
@seydi2728 @rhianelz @byeacharinne @_scrbl @foolishheart06 @blancallagas_27 @ichigatsu @harrehj.22 @shllysngmy @woogieworx @mayyhann @leclec0831 you guys did so wonderfully, so organized and efficient! (Kayo pa, lagi naman)
Thanks Rubian for sending food for all our lovely volunteers!
And another big thank you to the Chairman of San Lo, Makati, Mr. Ernie Moya for supporting and even sending security to assist!
I love you all 😊