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WHETSTONE  A digital and print publication on food origin and culture.


Essential morning literature compliments of @thecookinggene. In a moment of urgent moral reflection in our nation, Michael Twitty's scholarship and testimony are as vital as ever. Mr. Twitty will be featured in the next edition of Whetstone, and for Bay Area folks, on August 29th, he'll be in conversation with @isawstephen for the @moad_sf #DiasporaDinner from Chef-in-Residence @bryantterry. Tickets + details for this benefit can be found at moadsf.org.

SOLD OUT!! Repeat: Whetstone Vol 1 is SOLD OUT! We’re so grateful to everyone for supporting this venture. The feedback has been tremendous and has inspired an even more ambitious second edition, which is already deep in progress. Subscribers sit tight, your next copy is on the way! To all of our other friends, you’re encouraged to pre-order volume 2 or a digital copy of Vol 1 available on our site, www.whetstonemagazine.com. Bay Area people, there may also be a few copies @bernalcutlery or @theperishtrust. See you all in the fall! Thank you, thank you thank you!

Strolling through the markets of #Santiago, #Chile, we were struck by how much even a cursory first look at a market tells us about - among other things - the development of a society. Colorful and abundant, somewhat disheveled and noisy, these markets weren't the same we encountered in neighboring #Peru and #Bolivia. There wasn’t a single #farmer around. Instead, backstage storage rooms were filled with enormous bags of produce, each carrying the name of a company or a plantation. There were California apples and kiwis from New Zealand. Proponents of this global distribution system may argue that it is more efficient for a farmer to save a themselves a trip to the city. But when farmers are no longer in control of the prices and the production choices, questions persist about the benefits of this brand of “upward” movement along the development ladder.- @heleenetambet

​Though it may come as a surprise, #squash is central to the #Chilean cuisine. For the most part, it’s used to make #sopapillas. Sopapilla in Chile, like a #tortilla, is a flat round piece of bright orange-colored dough, that is then deep fried (mostly in front of your eyes on the street) and eaten with spicy #ají or mustard.

Dinner @stonebarns where we're treated to table side #milling and an education about the origins of the Flint #corn, the culmination of a longstanding partnership between #BlueHillStoneBarns and #GlennRoberts of @ansonmills. It's such a extraordinary education and exemplifies the integrated work happening here at the farm and restaurant.

Greetings! Today we report to you live from Stone Barns Center for Food and Ag (@stonebarns), an agricultural and educational hub creating a more sustainable food system. This week, our founder @isawstephen will join an exceptional group of Fellows as they present a sustainable vision for Governors Island, a 172-acre island in the heart of #Manhattan's New York harbor. Very much looking forward to learning more about this inspiring vision and the results of the collaboration. Stay tuned!

Greetings from the jungles of #LaConvencion, a major fine cacao region of #Peru. We're here digging into the story of #chuncho, a native #cacao variety. The variety is currently under pressure as the #hybrid varieties are increasingly popular. Have you ever heard anything about this, allegedly one of the most delicious cacaos of the world? We can't wait to report what we find! - @heleenetambet from the Andean jungles

Peruvian winter.

One cannot talk about #Peruvian food culture without talking about chuño, local freeze-dried #potatoes. For the last month here, on the land of #Incas, we’ve been anticipating an encounter with this iconic food. Last night we were still in the mountains, marveling at the Incan construction, when suddenly, there’s a sound. Someone was moving in the darkness. On closer inspection, we find an elderly indigenous woman kneeling alongside the ruins. She scarcely speaks Spanish (the native language and people of the #Peruvian highlands is #Quechua), but smiles towards us kindly. She's spread potatoes across the ground and, it turns out, is making #chuño! Utilizing an ancient Incan technique that dates back to the 13th century, it takes five days of cold nights and daily sunshine to freeze-dry the small potatoes. Then there are two paths forward: the large diurnal temperature shift, plus a bit of potato trampling (by foot) produces the black version, #moraya. White chuño is produced from dehydrating the potatoes in river water, with the final product appearing as snow-white colored stones. Soups made from either are delicious, but nothing compares to the experience of seeing this woman working under the full moon. - @heleenetambet
#originforaging #foodcultures #chuno #moraya

Summervale is our weekly food and music summer festival. In its 13th year, #Summervale has grown to feature a dozen local food and drink vendors, live music, local food tastings, kid’s activities and over 900 people each week. It is a constant reminder of everything we love about Vermont. If you find yourself in Burlington on a Thursday night in July or August, be sure to stop by.

We love farmers. They work incredibly hard, take care of our natural resources, and grow amazing food. With an aging farmer population in the U.S., we need even more knowledgeable, committed, resourceful farmers to continue transforming our food system. We work with over 60 farmers every year to help them improve their businesses, access land, and create more sustainable farms. Our incubator program is one of the oldest farm incubators in the country. This year, Ben (featured above) graduated from the program, and is now successfully growing his operation out of the Intervale.

The many lives of #corn continue to astonish me. As one first introduced to it in the States, I cannot avoid the images of feedlots, consolidation and subsidies when I see ( yellow) corn. But here in the #SacredValley, the literal heart of the #Incan empire, the crop means everything but that. #Maize symbolizes fertility and abundance. It provides nourishment and livelihoods. It is felt in the work and festivities of the community. Maize embodies (bio)diversity, culture, and all that is sacred. By the way, Yesika, our kind host and the owner of these fields, puts toasted corn into her morning coffee! Now, that's love! - @heleenetambet
#originforaging #peru #sacredvalley #incas #biodiversity

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