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Emily + Corey + Pup Penny Rose  life's far too spectacular to live someone else's dream ✧ moving with the seasons on the road since 2013 ✧ wheresmyofficenow.com win vanlife ⇓


Going nowhere + doing nothing is a blessing, a sweet momentary blip of serenity on the journey from birth's inhale to death's exhale.

In a van we cannot hide. Everything is magnified. Our living room is our kitchen is our bedroom and in it we sleep and wake and dream. I pee in a yogurt container and our tiny trash basket overflows almost daily. Did you know the average American leaves behind 102 tons of garbage on this Earth that will last for thousands of years? We are trying, recycling and growing food on our friend's farm, consuming less than ever before, but sometimes it doesn't feel like enough for future generations, for life on Earth. We can do better, I know this. This picture is our recycling bin. It hangs on the back of the van and sometimes it overflows with our garbage and litter found from the mountains to the sea.

Living the dream makes space for togetherness, for the gathering of a VanTribe, a movement of souls writing unique stories by doing what we love. And truthfully vans are dispensable. Although they rapidly break down perceived barriers, it is our awareness of self, one another and nature that drives us to explore ways of being found beyond the constraints of society's uninhabitable systems. It's a blessing to be part of the vanlife community. Thank you friends for being you and thank you @poseidonsbeard and @vanagonlife for orchestrating @descendonbend, a gathering of 400+ vans and amazing humans.

Want a taste of vanlife? Now’s your chance to sample life on the road! We teamed up with @kettlebrand, a conscious company that began in a van, and our dear friends @gowestycampers to offer a vanlife sweepstakes!

One winner and friends will explore Oregon in a tricked out 80’s GoWesty Vanagon, complete with airfare, food/camping/gas budget, and itinerary by me and Corey (okay, okay, Corey did most of the planning while I drooled out the window). It is an honor to share adventure and Oregon's natural wonders with you.

Enter to win daily at kettlebrand.com/Birthday. Link in profile. Tag a friend who may love this experience! Live your dream. Music by @king_kyote. ♡

#sponsored by @kettlebrand ✧ Dare to be your self. Ignore messaging suggesting lack, for it only disperses your precious life force.

And please, please, share your story. Share what you've learned, makes you come alive, and is truest to you.

Here's why. Sharing your truest self inspires us all. And inspiration sparks change.

Sharing our journey on Instagram taught me doors fling open when we offer our truth in a positive, consistent and creative way. I never dreamed I could make money sharing life on the road. I felt trapped in web development. But I kept going. And going. Because I was inspired (and still am). And now life is beyond what I dreamed.

Living your dream is a just a phrase that fires us all up, and reminds us of life's possibilities. It helps steer us onto our unique path and question reality. It brings us into our role as the writer of our story where we are part of a much bigger dream.

Thanks so much @kettlebrand for believing in us and for doing your part as a conscious brand caring for community and the environment.

As a movement vanlife speaks poignantly, with every vanlifer, mile, breakdown, sunrise-sunset and social media share ✦ We value adventure over stuff, it proclaims, and live for depositing one-of-a-kind million dollar memories into our mindful bank ✦ Because life is far too spectacular to live someone else's dream for the sake of a false notion of wealth ✦ Boscha our van's living room entertainment photo by @jerfle

#sponsored Hay in my hair. Don't care. Penny Rose is alive. Last night was terrifying.

Penny Rose and Bella Luna, a farm dog, often wander at dusk, tearing through old gold country brush. Not a problem.

But last night Penny Rose was on leash due to a tweaked shoulder. I let go of her leash to focus on pulling nails out of a 4x4 and BAM they were gone.

Darkness came. I wandered alone, calling their names. Fear crept in and I saw flashes of Penny being snagged by a branch or hung on a cliff. A leash in this wilderness is a death sentence.

Hours passed. Suddenly two green glowing circles appeared. Penny Rose, naked and mucking around in a tiny pond. Happy as can be. She had slipped her collar.

What a powerful reminder to be attentive to what matters most in every moment. Today we work, play, pack wander and rest. So grateful for the wild art of collar slipping and for our friends who helped us search.

Storytelling sponsored by @hydroflask #unexpectedrefreshment 🙏🏽

We didn't plan on having a dog on the road, but the road led us to Penny Rose, a brindle rescue pup.

A vanlife dog means we must avoid leaving her alone in extreme heat. We also avoid most national parks. But it's a small price to pay for this sweet soul we get to live with.

Penny Rose is my reflection, signaling to me through her behavior when I need centering, more rest or more exercise. She's fully wild and has had encounters with skunks, porcupine, rattle snakes and bears, and a donut.

Her high spirit has captured our hearts. We bookmark photos of her at #luckypennyrose. Share a dog story and what your dog teaches you!! ♡

I will always say yes to adventuring with this man, even high altitude blizzard rides with a building sense of dread as my fingers turn numb.

You see, I thrive on my edge, where there's no choice but to find comfort within discomfort, where it's impossible to ignore every breath being a gift.

Life is the grandest adventure and yet we can consciously create mini adventures that remind us to fully live. What adventures have you this new season? 🍂 ❄️ @transitionbikes

Gone, is my ability to conform. ✧ Loving the following excerpt from Women Who Run With The Wolves. ✧ It is through the love for and the caring for our natural seasons that we protect our lives from being dragged into someone else's rhythm, someone else's dance, someone else's hunger. It is through the validation of our distinct cycles for sex, creation, rest, play and work that we learn to define and discriminate between all our wild senses and seasons. ✧

Live the dream simply means live your life. Bushwhack your own path like only you know how. Shed doubt and false views and leap into your truth. Do what makes you come alive, fires you up, and fills your cup. To live your dream is to honor your flow in the natural order of things, and to remember your role as a creator. What are you imagining to life? ≋ We are dreaming up more vanlife gatherings, giving back to the lands we love so much, and a Baja surf mission once our seasonal farm work concludes. ≋

Grateful for your reflections on happiness in our last post. @silkgohsurf_dying2live's words spoke to my core... "for me happiness is a journey not a permanent destination... as part of my journey I seek simplicity... reduce reuse recycle repurpose. If I can help somebody or bless somebody and make a positive difference in someone else's life that brings meaning to my own existence, that to me brings happiness." ♡ ꒛ ♡ ꒛ ♡

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